The Ultimate Guide to Traditional and Roth IRAs for Millennials

According to a recent study by USA Today, millennials will need between 1.8 million to 2.5 million for retirement.  That is a lot of money!  Of course, that is taking into account inflation by the time we get ready to retire and the fact that social security may be unavailable.  Nevertheless, it is still a lot of money!  In order to get there, millennials will have to do more than just save in their 401k – or company-sponsored retirement plan.  That is why every millennial needs a Traditional and/or Roth IRA.

Today, we will break down what an IRA is, the similarities and difference between Traditional and Roth IRAs, and which saving vehicle is best for you.


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How to Enjoy Christmas without Going Broke

Can you believe that is already October? That means we have less than 3 months until Christmas. Believe it or not, it is time to start preparing financially for Christmas already!

According to a Gallup survey, in 2015 the average shopper spent $830 on Christmas presents!  Unless you have been preparing for some time, that is a big financial hit to take at once.

Check out these awesome tips on how to enjoy Christmas without going broke:



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5 Money Management Misconceptions about Women in Society

Today we have a guest post by Tina Roth.  Check out her bio at the end of the post.

Women have always been discriminated against. Women have been denied several rights – the right to vote, the right to work outside the home, and more. Time has changed now, we live in a gender neutral society where men and women are considered equal.

But distasteful stereotypes about women still exist. Women lack driving skills, women are bad at STEM – these are all stereotypes. It’s time we debunk them – once and for all.

But before debunking them, let’s have a look at them. Here are the 5 money misconceptions about women.


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9 Simple Ways to Save Money While Eating Out

Eating out is literally my kryptonite and the hardest habit to kick.  I just love the convenience of eating out but it can really add up.  Think about it: if you go out to lunch every day for a week at a conservative $7 a meal, you will be spending $35 a week and $140 per month!  Let’s be realistic, though, what restaurant can you go to for $7 a meal?  Typically it is more like $8-10 or more if you order a drink and/or dessert.  Therefore, at $10 per meal, you end up spending $50 per work week and $200 just on work days!  It adds up quickly!

That isn’t even including weekends.

Even though, eating out is my guilty pleasure, it doesn’t help my wallet (or my waistline).  Slashing eating out from your budget is one of the easiest ways to save money.  However, it doesn’t hurt to treat yourself every once in a while.

That is why I try to find simple ways to save money while eating out.  Check out these 9 simple ways to save money while eating out.


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3 Things to do Prior to Investing

I love that so many people are curious about investing.   The world of investing can be overwhelming for beginners – stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETFs, annuities and the list goes on.  Investing is the key to truly building wealth.  I want you to get started as soon as possible.

A statement that I get often is “how do I invest in stocks.”  Before I answer that question, I always like to cover the basics which we’ll go over in this post.



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3 Reasons to Share your Money Goals with your Squad

Luxury Cars.  Mansions.  Extravagant Trips.  These images are plastered all over social media with the hashtag #squadgoals, but what does that even mean?

According to Urban Dictionary, #squadgoals are defined as “an inspirational term for what you’d like your group of friends to be or accomplish.”

Based on many of the pictures labeled #squadgoals on social media, should the goal of your squad be to achieve wealth?  If so, how are you getting there?  Even better yet, how are you getting there together?

Check out these 3 reasons to share your money goals with your squad:


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15+ Frugal Fall Date Ideas (that won’t break the bank)

Kids are back in school. Football season has started. The weather is getting cooler in the evening.

Can you believe that fall is already here? I know I can’t! Before you know it, we will start talking about Christmas. In that spirit, it is time to start getting your finances in order for the holidays and the start of the new year. That means cutting expenses wherever you can. The great thing is that an awesome date night with your main squeeze doesn’t have to be expensive!

Since the start of fall just happened last week, check out these awesome 15 frugal fall date ideas that won’t break the bank:


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How to Stop Missing Out On Free Money at Work

Do you like free money? I know I do. What if I were to tell you that you may be missing out on free money at work.

When I say you are missing out on money at work, I don’t mean a little bit of money. You could be missing out on hundreds of thousands of free dollars! What if I told you that you were missing out on $600,000 worth of free money!

Check out this post for details on how you may be missing out on free money at work and how to fix it!


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How to Save on Personal Care with Groupon

This is a sponsored post.  All opinions are my own.

In an effort to be financially fit, I slashed a lot of “luxury items” from my monthly routine.  From cable television to certain regular personal care items, nothing is off limits to save more money in my budget.  For example, instead of weekly trips to get my eyebrows done, I have opted to visit every 3 weeks and clean up my brows myself between visits.

It paid off!  Not only have I been able to treat myself in moderation, but I have also been able to accomplish many goals like purchasing my first home and raising my credit score over 150+ points.

When I do want to treat myself without breaking the bank, there is only once place for me to check: Groupon!


Check out these 3 easy steps I follow when I am looking to treat myself.

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How to Save on your Next Road Trip with Groupon Coupons

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

I love to travel. Traveling is a chance to experience the world.

There is a misconception that traveling is expensive. It doesn’t have to be, though. One of my (many) missions is to prove to millennials that you can be financially responsible while still taking the time to travel. It does take discipline but anything worth having is worth working for.

A road trip is a great way to take a trip without breaking the bank. Last month, there was an awesome guest post by Jason Butler titled: 11 Tips to Prepare for a Cross-Country Road Trip. Cross-Country road trips typically do take more time and money due to the longer nature; however, you can also take a quick road trip to keep costs low. In that spirit, today we’re going to talk about saving money on your next road trip.


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