February 2017

17+ Ways to Make Extra Income in 2017

A new year is a time to start fresh and set new goals.  One SMART financial goal that many of you all set was to earn extra income in 2017.

Earning extra income can help you achieve so many other goals like:

The great thing about all of the options listed below is that you can do them simultaneously with your full-time job. In addition, you can try multiple avenues in order to create multiple streams of income.

Without further delay, check out these 17+ Ways to Make Extra Income in 2017!

17+ Ways to Make Extra Income in 2017!

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7 Ways to Invest your 2017 Tax Refund

Tax time is in full effect!  It is easy to tell by the constant social media statuses ranging from just filed my taxes to heading to the mall with my refund check and even others suggesting what you should do with your tax refund.  Ultimately, what you do with your 2017 tax refund is up to you but I want to help you make the most of it.

Check out these 7 ways to invest your 2017 Tax Refund.

7 Ways to Invest your 2017 Tax Refund

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3 Reasons You Should File Your Tax Return with

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Can you believe it is already February?!  Time is surely flying this year.  February typically means Valentine’s Day and President’s Day but tax season is also in full swing!  If you haven’t filed your tax return yet, you are in luck.  Today I am going to explain 3 reasons you should file your tax return with!

3 Reasons You Should File Your Taxes with

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Anxiety During Trading? How to Play it Cool!

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Online trading can be a great deal of fun and, naturally, there is always the distinct possibility of enjoying substantial returns over time. Some approach investing as a hobby while others focus on making it their primary income source. Regardless of intentions,  emotion always plays a role in trading. It should also be mentioned that “trader anxiety” is actually much more common than many believe. Are there any ways to mitigate the effects of such an emotion and how can you “pay it cool” when the heat is on?

Anxiety During Trading

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