How to Travel Solo And Stay Within Your Budget

I finally did it! I took my first solo trip. By solo trip, I mean I actually took a trip by myself. In the past, I have flown alone many times but typically it involves meeting a friend or group of friends.

You are probably thinking – Tia, why would you want to travel alone? Well, there are a couple of reasons I decided to take my first solo trip.

  1. It got me out of my comfort zone.
  2. I had the flexibility to do whatever I wanted to do, whenever I wanted to do it, with as much or as little money as I wanted to spend.
  3. There was a landmark I wanted to visit (the National Museum of African American Hustory and Culture) and I didn’t want to wait for others to get ready to travel with me.

I am not going to lie. I was nervous. Prior to this trip, I would rarely go to eat by myself.  Let alone visit a different city for a weekend by myself.  Therefore, this was a real stretch. In addition, one of the great things about traveling with friends or family is that you can split some of the costs (transportation and hotel especially). However, now that the trip is over I am so glad I was able to travel solo and stay within my budget.


How to Travel Solo and stay within your budget

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How My Lack of Money Knowledge Landed Me Bankrupt at 22

This is a guest post by an awesome blogger that I met last year, Kenya.  Check out her bio at the end of the post. 

I remember my first day on campus. My short blond haircut, my gray colored contacts, a new pair of Reebok Classics. I was ready for all the possibilities.

I wish I could tell you my four years of college ended in a degree and left me ready for a job in the world.

Eventually, I got the degree and the job, but not before a few other things happened first.

I started college at 17, graduated early.

Prior to going to school, I didn’t fully appreciate the lifestyle I had been afforded.

My mom grew up “down the way” as we called it where I’m from. And so she made every effort to make sure I didn’t.

I went to a predominantly white school, lived in a nice neighborhood and had everything I needed and most of what I wanted.

But by the age of 22, I had filed bankruptcy.

You are probably wondering how this happens. Well, let me share.

How My Lack of Money Knowledge Lan

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Changing Jobs? Consider these Tax-Smart Tips for Your Retirement Savings Plan

Check out the latest guest post by Rick Pendykoski from Self Directed Retirement Plans LLC.  His bio is at the end of the post.

Of all the investments and assets you own, your retirement fund is typically the largest as well as the most valuable.  Whether you’re putting money into an IRA every month or relying on an employer-provided 401k plan, the money you save today will keep growing over the years.  By the time you retire, there should be a healthy sum waiting for you.

Of course, that will only happen if you’ve managed your retirement savings properly, especially when you change jobs.  A new job might give you more and better opportunities, but it can also have a negative impact on your next egg if you don’t handle your savings the right way.

This means taking a good look at your personal finance goals, putting away as much as possible, and making the most of the tax breaks available to you.  Check out these tips for maximizing your retirement savings when you’re changing jobs:

Consider these Tax-Smart Tips for Your Retirement Savings

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9 Facts You Should Know About Your Credit Score

Today we have an awesome guest post about credit from LaToya Irby.  Make sure you check out her bio at the end of the post. 

Your credit score isn’t something you use every day, but when you do need to use it, you need it to be in good shape.  Building and maintaining a good credit score is much easier when you understand how it works and what does and doesn’t affect it.  There is a lot of misinformation floating around the internet about what a credit score really is, what counts as good credit, and how people can improve their credit scores.  Here are 9 things every responsible adult should know about their credit score.

9 Facts You Should Know About Your Credit Score

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How to Save More Money This Year

Can you believe that it is already March?  Time sure is flying this year!  If you are like me, you may have made a vision board or list of goals for 2017.  How is it going so far?  If your goal was to save more money this year, you are in luck because I am going to break down 5 easy steps for you to save more money this year.

There are so many reasons that you might want to save more money this year.  A few of them include:

Personally, one of my goals for 2017 is to increase my net worth.  If you aren’t familiar with what net worth means, it is your total assets after subtracting all your liabilities.  For example, add up your saving account, investment account, retirement accounts and other assets (like home/car/etc…).  Then subtract all of your liabilities like any credit card debt, student loan debt,

Saving more money is the number one way that I am going to be able to increase my net worth.  Check out these 6 steps that I am taking to save more money.

How to Save More Money This Year

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17+ Ways to Make Extra Income in 2017

A new year is a time to start fresh and set new goals.  One SMART financial goal that many of you all set was to earn extra income in 2017.

Earning extra income can help you achieve so many other goals like:

The great thing about all of the options listed below is that you can do them simultaneously with your full-time job. In addition, you can try multiple avenues in order to create multiple streams of income.

Without further delay, check out these 17+ Ways to Make Extra Income in 2017!

17+ Ways to Make Extra Income in 2017!

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7 Ways to Invest your 2017 Tax Refund

Tax time is in full effect!  It is easy to tell by the constant social media statuses ranging from just filed my taxes to heading to the mall with my refund check and even others suggesting what you should do with your tax refund.  Ultimately, what you do with your 2017 tax refund is up to you but I want to help you make the most of it.

Check out these 7 ways to invest your 2017 Tax Refund.

7 Ways to Invest your 2017 Tax Refund

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3 Reasons You Should File Your Tax Return with

This post is sponsored by  All thoughts are my own.

Can you believe it is already February?!  Time is surely flying this year.  February typically means Valentine’s Day and President’s Day but tax season is also in full swing!  If you haven’t filed your tax return yet, you are in luck.  Today I am going to explain 3 reasons you should file your tax return with!

3 Reasons You Should File Your Taxes with

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Anxiety During Trading? How to Play it Cool!

This is a sponsored post. 

Online trading can be a great deal of fun and, naturally, there is always the distinct possibility of enjoying substantial returns over time. Some approach investing as a hobby while others focus on making it their primary income source. Regardless of intentions,  emotion always plays a role in trading. It should also be mentioned that “trader anxiety” is actually much more common than many believe. Are there any ways to mitigate the effects of such an emotion and how can you “pay it cool” when the heat is on?

Anxiety During Trading

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5 Ways to Pay Less for Home Insurance

This is a sponsored post. 

You need to insure your home, but don’t want to pay too much for home insurance.  Saving money on insurance involves investigating to find low-cost policies as well as keeping an eye out for discounts and things you can do to pay lower premiums.  Getting advice from an agent is also one way to shave off extra money from your monthly premiums.  Insurance is a necessity, but that doesn’t mean that you should take the amount you are paying each month as a given.  In addition, it is worthwhile to negotiate with companies to find the best rate.

5 Ways to Pay Less for Home Insurance

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