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25+ Free Activities to Enjoy This Summer

Today we are going to be discussing 25+ free activities to enjoy this summer.  The other day I asked my Twitter followers what they do in the summer to save money?  Some of the answers I received included:  I don’t save money in the summer, I just count the summer as an L, and that I avoid my bank account for the summer.

Although I was saddened by the answers, I am not going to lie.  When it is nice outside, it is tough to stick within your budget.  If you are anything like myself, then you want to enjoy the happy hours, rooftops, and other activities after work as well as on the weekend.  On top of that, there are concert announcements and flight deals every week!  The thing is, you can’t let all of your good financial habits throughout the year go to waste over a few month in the summer.

That is why I decided to come up with this list of 25+ free activities to enjoy this summer.

Free Activities to Enjoy this Summer

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How to Save More Money This Year

Can you believe that it is already March?  Time sure is flying this year!  If you are like me, you may have made a vision board or list of goals for 2017.  How is it going so far?  If your goal was to save more money this year, you are in luck because I am going to break down 5 easy steps for you to save more money this year.

There are so many reasons that you might want to save more money this year.  A few of them include:

Personally, one of my goals for 2017 is to increase my net worth.  If you aren’t familiar with what net worth means, it is your total assets after subtracting all your liabilities.  For example, add up your saving account, investment account, retirement accounts and other assets (like home/car/etc…).  Then subtract all of your liabilities like any credit card debt, student loan debt,

Saving more money is the number one way that I am going to be able to increase my net worth.  Check out these 6 steps that I am taking to save more money.

How to Save More Money This Year

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3 Reasons you should Skip Black Friday Shopping

Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving and traditionally the busiest shopping day of the year.  It has been noted as the first day of traditional Christmas shopping due to plenty of deals that are advertised. As Black Friday has evolved, stores have begun opening on Thanksgiving day and many of the sales stretch into the following week.

Although 30% of annual retail sales occur between Black Friday and Christmas, that doesn’t mean that Black Friday shopping is for everyone.  While your friends and family are checking out the Black Friday deals, I encourage you to skip Black Friday shopping this year.  Here are 3 reasons you should skip Black Friday shopping:

3 Reasons you Should Skip Black Friday Shopping

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9 Simple Ways to Save Money While Eating Out

Eating out is literally my kryptonite and the hardest habit to kick.  I just love the convenience of eating out but it can really add up.  Think about it: if you go out to lunch every day for a week at a conservative $7 a meal, you will be spending $35 a week and $140 per month!  Let’s be realistic, though, what restaurant can you go to for $7 a meal?  Typically it is more like $8-10 or more if you order a drink and/or dessert.  Therefore, at $10 per meal, you end up spending $50 per work week and $200 just on work days!  It adds up quickly!

That isn’t even including weekends.

Even though, eating out is my guilty pleasure, it doesn’t help my wallet (or my waistline).  Slashing eating out from your budget is one of the easiest ways to save money.  However, it doesn’t hurt to treat yourself every once in a while.

That is why I try to find simple ways to save money while eating out.  Check out these 9 simple ways to save money while eating out.


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4 Best Apps to Automate Saving

Saving is just like budgeting.  It isn’t the most fun thing to do but it must be done. It is proven that if you automate your saving you will save more money.   Automation makes saving easier and, most importantly, you won’t forget about it.  Check out these 4 awesome apps that help you automate saving so you can reach your goals (and save more money)!


4 Best Apps to Automate Saving

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How I Save 50% of My Income

Today’s guest post is from Polina.  She is a member of one of the awesome Facebook groups I am in, Blog + Biz Bff’s.  Check out her bio at the end of the post.


I recently left my 9-5 job to pursue a career in freelancing and online business.  Although I wanted to leave my full-time job for a while, it took a year of preparation. The most important part of the preparation was saving money.  I wanted to have a financial cushion while I focused on building up my business full-time.

My goal was to save enough money to live for a year as soon as possible.   Although the task seemed extremely difficult, I put a plan into action to save 50% of my income each month.

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3 Ways to Save Money as a Wedding Guest

Wedding season is officially here! This Saturday, I will be attending my first wedding (of four) during 2016! Weddings can be expensive for the happy couple, but being a wedding guest is no walk in the park either. From bridal showers, bachelorette/bachelor parties, gifts, outfits and more, being a wedding guest can easily be a large financial commitment.

I know you are thinking, being a wedding guest doesn’t cost that much.  Have you considered all of the costs associated with being a wedding guest:

  • Gifts
  • Travel/Transportation
  • Self-Care (Hair, Nails, Makeup, etc…)
  • Outfit (including Shoes and Jewelry)

3 Ways to Save Money as a Wedding Guest

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Keep More of your Money: Tips to Avoid Bank Fees

Last week we talked about the 7 Bank Fees Eating your Checking Account. We also reviewed the startling stat that the top 3 U.S. banks made $1 billion in just overdraft fees during 2014!  That post stirred great discussion about the hatred of banks and how to avoid bank fees – without keeping your money under your mattress.  In this post, we will take a deeper dive into avoiding bank fees.

Banks make $1 billion+ off of fees!  Use these tips to avoid bank fees from eating up your account!

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7 Bank Fees Eating your Checking Account

Banking institutions make money a variety of ways.  Due to the current low-interest rate environment, the number 1 way that banks make money is through fees!  This post is dedicated toward the top 7 bank fees that are eating your checking account.  Make sure to come back next week to learn about ways to avoid these fees and keep more of your hard-earned cash in your bank account!

7 Bank Fees Eatingyour Checking Account


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What’s the Difference Between an Emergency Fund & Savings Account?

I love the fact that so many people around me are striving to be financially fit and fabulous! Improving their credit scores, increasing their savings accounts, and becoming first time home buyers! In that spirit, a friend recently asked me what is the difference between an Emergency Fund and a Savings Account?  In this post, we will dissect emergency funds and savings accounts.

User Submitted Question: What's the difference between an emergency fund and saving account?

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