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I am so glad that you are interested in submitting a guest post to Financially Fit & Fab!  Currently, I am only accepting guest posts from Personal Finance Bloggers that regularly interact Financially Fit & Fab through blog comments and comments via social media.  If you regularly read and interact with the site, then you know exactly what posts do well on the site!

If you meet those requirements, please see below for more information regarding guest posts.


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  1. I am looking for Personal Finance guest posts regarding the following topics:  Budgeting, Couponing, Credit, Saving, Investing, Home-ownership, Travel-Hacking, Real Estate and Debt Repayment Success Stories.

  2. All original material that hasn’t been posted elsewhere.

  3. Keep it conversational and informative (including personal stories and anecdotes is a plus).

  4. Interact with readers by responding to comments for 30 days & Promote across your social media.

  5. No limit to backlinks to your site or other sites as long as they are relative to the post.  If they are not relative to the post, they may be removed.
  6. At least 700 words or more.


Here are a few samples of a few great guest posts previously featured:


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Looking forward to working with you!