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Hi There!  I am Tia.  I am a Certified Financial Education Instructor and I help millennials kick their finances into shape.

I want to welcome you to my website, Financially Fit and Fab.  I started this space in order to help millennials navigate their way to financial freedom.  I understand how tough it is entering the real world with a host of new financial responsibilities and also wanting to establish new goals.

  • I remember the first time I checked my credit score and I committed to raising my credit score.  I ended up raising my credit score 150+ points!
  • In order to raise my credit score, it involved me paying off $11,000 of debt.
  • In order to pay off the debt, I ended up getting a part time job retail job.  I wish I had done more research about ways to make money back then.  Don’t worry though, I have got you covered with these 17+ Ways to Make Extra Income in 2017!.
  • Also, I remember preparing to purchase my first home last year.  Although it was a lot of work, it truly paid off and I made one of the biggest purchases of my life thus far.
  • One of my fave activities is traveling for cheap.  Therefore, I created a host of articles to help you do the same starting with finding a cheap flight.


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