10 Unique Ways to Make $250 this Month

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One of my goals for this year was to make extra money.  I figured making extra money could help me achieve many of Personally, my original goal was just to make an extra $100 per month and then I slowly increased that goal.  The next milestone was to make $250 per month.  If you are looking to make an extra $250 per month this article is perfect for you.

There are plenty of reasons why you may want to make extra money.  A few reasons may be to:

You can make an extra $250 this month using one or a combination of the unique suggestions below:

Sell old belongings

This is my favorite way to make extra money! Take a look in your closet for clothes and shoes that you haven’t worn in a while but are in good condition. Visit your local Plato’s closet or consignment shop to sell the goods for cash. Goods that you are unable to sell can be taken to Goodwill or another charity for a tax write-off.

Do you have an old functioning cell phone or tablet around?  Selling certain electronics can help you to reach the $250 goal easily!  Check out eBay or Offerup for help selling higher priced items.  Your trash can be another person’s treasure!  I just used eBay valet to sell my old iPhone for $150.

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Take Online Surveys

Did you know that you can make extra money each month by taking surveys online?  Well, I am here to tell you that you can!  If you are looking to make a little money to pay for gas or another small expense each month, then taking surveys is a great way.

The first step is to find a reputable company that you can take survey’s with and then start taking surveys in your spare time.  You are in luck because I have taken surveys with a company called American Consumer Opinion.  They have been around for a while and it is completely free to sign up and take surveys with them.  Click here to try it for yourself.

Cut Grass/Yard Work

Do you have a neighbor, family friend or coworker that needs help around the house?  Now that it is warm outside, put your skills to work.  All you need is a sturdy lawn mower to do the basics.  Want to charge more?  Go above and beyond with edging and trimming, pulling weeds, and helping garden.

Even if it isn’t warm outside, you still may be able to help with yard work.  For example, in the fall when leaves are falling your neighbors may need help with raking leaves.  Then, when it starts to snow you can help with shoveling the snow.  Find a need in your neighborhood and fulfill it.

Open a New Checking Account

Opening a new checking account is a great way to pick up an extra $250. Many banks will pay you for opening up a new checking account.  Often times this can even be done online which makes it super convenient.  Make sure to read the fine print. It may require you initiate a regular investment or keep a monthly balance to receive the $250 and avoid any bank fees.


Sell your skills on Fiverr

Fiverr is an awesome site where you can sell your skills to others.  I have purchased services from Fiverr in the past to design business cards and flyers as well as to help with search engine optimization.  You don’t have to be a “techie” to sell your skills.  Do you have unique recipes?  Are your proofreading skills impeccable? Can you write killer blog posts for others?  Head over to Fiverr to see what skills you can sell!

Below are just a few services that you can offer on Fiverr:

  • Writing skills
  • Graphic Design
  • Web Design
  • Proofreading
  • SEO (Search engine optimization) Research

Help Others with Tasks – Task Rabbit

Don’t think you have any skills that other’s would want?  You are wrong!  A newer website, Task Rabbit, allows consumers to outsource everyday duties like household errands and skilled tasks.  I surfed the website for a while and you can do almost any task for someone – wrapping gifts, grocery shopping, moving furniture and more.

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Babysit/Dog sit

Can’t-do yard work?  Don’t have technical skills?  Have no fear!  There are unique ways for everyone to make at least $250 this month!  You’d be surprised how many couples could use a date night but need a reliable and trusted sitter.  Or friends going on vacation that feel like the only option for their pet is an overpriced boarding service.  Spread the word that you are available for babysitting or dog sitting, and people will come to you!


10 Easy Ways to Make an Extra $250 This Month! | Make Money | Work at Home | Side hustle | Extra Income

Return Past Purchases

Do you have clothes lying in your closet that has never been worn?  Or items in your garage with the tags still on them?  I visited Home Depot this past weekend to return an overpriced lawn mower.  That one purchase resulted in $300 back in my bank account!  Even if you don’t have high priced ticket items in your house, a few small items can add up.

In order for this option to work it is super important to save your receipts and be mindful of return policies.  For example, in the situation above with the lawn mower, Home Depot had a 60-day return policy.  It was important that I returned the lawn mower within the designated time with the receipt.  Good thing is, many stores now will email you a copy of the receipt for easy retrieval.

Drive for Uber/Lyft

Uber and Lyft are services that allow you to drive your own car, on your own schedule, and earn extra money!  I have been a consumer of the services in the past.  As long as you have a good driving record, reliable vehicle with four doors, and time, then driving for Uber or Lyft may be right for you.  Depending on the distance of the ride, time of the day, and demand, you can rack up $250 in a committed weekend of work.

Airbnb Host

Airbnb is a website that allows you to list, find and rent lodging.  I have used Airbnb to stay for less around the world, but it is also a way to earn some extra money!  Do you have a spare couch, room, or apartment?  List your digs on the Airbnb site.  Depending on the number of people you can sleep, your location, and events going on in the area you can easily make $250 in a month.

Even better yet, if you become an Airbnb host for the first time you can automatically get $75 by signing up here.

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Rent your Car on Turo

Similar to Airbnb, Turo is a new service that lets you rent your car to others for cash.  Depending on your car, make, model and year, you can set a price for someone to rent your car for the day, week or even month.  This is especially beneficially if you have an additional car – therefore, you can passively make income without a large inconvenience to your lifestyle.


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Have you tried any of the suggestions above to make $250 per month? What other unique tricks do you have to make a quick buck?  Tell us in the Comments!



Looking to make some extra money this month? or save extra money for Christmas? Check out these 10 ways to make $250 this month.


  1. These are all great ideas. How many of them have you had a chance to try?

    I actually just got a $400 bonus from the Capital One Venture Card.

    I think I make a few thousand dollars a year off of these sign up bonuses. I even keep track of my sign up dates, fee dates, and time until I can get the bonus again in a spreadsheet.

    Just make sure to:
    1. Always pay the balance off before you pay any interest
    2. Cancel the card or request a credit for the annual fee
    3. Don’t apply to everything you see or you might impact your credit score

    1. Thanks for the comment! I’ve tried half of the opportunities on the list.

      Great suggestion regarding money through credit card bonuses. I received a bonus on the most recent Amex credit card I applied to, but I used the money to pay for a plan ticket. 🙂

  2. I’ve been wondering what AirBNB was all about, thank you for enlightening me. I be so late…lol

    1. Glad you learned something new! I love airbnb as an alternative to stay for less in different cities.

  3. These are all great ideas. I’ve sold clothes and a service. I doubt I’d rent out my house or car. Insurance and stuff lol I’m too much of a micro manager to do that.

    1. I agree with you on the car piece! I doubt I would rent my car to a stranger. I have considered renting a room in my house on airbnb though; I haven’t done extensive research but they do offer special insurance.

  4. Great list! I would think TaskRabbit would be a great way to make extra money each month. It looks like a neat program, but I live in a rural and it isn’t available around here.

    1. TaskRabbit just came to my city! The service is still fairly new, so who knows what the future may hold in terms of expansion.

  5. These are all great ideas. I’m all about selling clothes I don’t plan on wearing anymore. I love selling Poshmark.


    1. I haven’t used Poshmark but I have heard success from others. Has Poshmarked worked for you so far?

  6. Never heard of Fiverr and never considered renting out my car. Great list – thanks for sharing!

    1. Glad the list mentioned a few things you weren’t familiar with. I love fiverr if I need graphics done inexpensively but def a great way to make money on the flip side.

    1. A yard sale is a great way to get a lot of things out of your house! Now that it is warmer, I am looking for a yard sale to pick up some things for my house.

  7. I am going through my closet right now and I have some great stuff that I have never worn. I have thought about selling it, and maybe I should just go ahead and do it! That extra cash would be nice to go out to a nice dinner and a movie… I could treat my hubby!

    1. That is so sweet that you are going to use the extra cash for a date night. 🙂

      I go through my closet at least once a year and purge. If you haven’t worn things in a while, might as well sell them.

  8. All of these things are great! I have loved dog sitting because I love animals so it’s really fun for me!

  9. These are sound like some great ways to make some extra cash! I have made a bit of money recently by selling some old clothes and shoes on Ebay.

    1. Awesome! Ebay is a great way to have a larger audience to sell to – than a yard show or sites like Craiglist that are local.

  10. These are all such clever ways to make a little extra money! You kind of forget how simple it is. Thanks for the lost!

  11. Great suggestions! I love the idea of renting your car on Turo and assisting others with tasks on Task Rabbit. Since I have trust issues, the car thing won’t work but it’s a great idea. I’ll probably just stick to selling my old stuff! lol

  12. What great ideas! I had never even heard of the rental thing. Seems like something i’d like to use when traveling!

    1. Yes! Check out airbnb for your next trip. I have used it in the past to save money on accommodations.

  13. I have sold a few things on posh mark. This is a great list. I don’t know about renting a room in my house just because I have kids, but I seriously have been considering Uber.

    1. I have friends who drive for uber part time and they love it! I have considered it in the past but now I have a 2-door car.

  14. This is right on time for me. I’ve been spring cleaning my closet and I’ve pulled pieces and snapped picture so I can sell them on Ebay. I’m trying to get some of my coins back.

  15. Great ideas! I’m trying to clean up all my clothes and create a kind of capsule wardrobe, but I’ve got too many clothes! I’ve been bagging them up and saying I would take them to goodwill, but I need to just sell somewhere!

  16. I love your tips! I had to check out Turo band OfferUp since I was not familiar with them! I think I will start using OfferUp really soon. Also, I wanted to share Care.com for babysitting and pet sitting.

  17. loving this list! while i wouldn’t want to airbnb our extra room, i definitely would take the time to open a new checking account. thanks for sharing!

  18. Great unique ways! I’ve never heard of Task Rabbit… I will be checking it out for sure!

  19. I love these ideas! I’ve sold on ebay before and there is also a consignment store for parents to sell kids clothes and toys, called Once Upon a Time.

  20. We’re totally thinking of renting some space with AirBNB. I’m a massage therapist and work out of our garage apartment (yay, no commercial rent!), but I only work 3 days a week. We figure I can fold up my massage table, put a pull out couch in my space, add a stove or microwave, and boom, studio apartment for rent 4 days a week! Thanks for the other great tips, too!

  21. Thanks for a great resource! A few of my friends moonlight with Uber and they make pretty decent cash. I am not good driver, though, so I’ll have to try a few of the things on your list. 🙂

  22. These are some great tips! I will keep them in mind when the Holidays get closer cause who couldn’t need an extra $250 during the gift-giving season.

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