February 2016

4 Tips to Catch a Flight Deal


Traveling is one of my favorite pastimes! It’s always great to get away and enjoy the new scenery, food, and people.  Since I love traveling I have made it a priority in my budget.

Finding a flight deal is one of the easiest ways to cut down expenses on a trip.  Just last year, I purchased a round trip flight to DC for $100 and helped a friend find two round trip tickets to Atlanta for less than $80 total!  Flight Deals are not only available for domestic flights, but they are also available when flying internationally.

Below are 4 tips on finding inexpensive flights:


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Acorns: Start Investing your Spare Change

Have you wanted to get in to investing but don’t know where to start?  Do you have trouble saving the amount to reach the minimums to invest in individual stocks or mutual funds?  Have you recently become interested in getting your feet wet in the market but not sure where to start?  If your answer is yes to any of those questions, then Acorns is a website that you should check out!

I learned about Acorns about 2 years ago and signed up shortly afterward.  I don’t know about you but I always thought you had to have a ton of money to invest.  Turns out I was wrong!  Apps like Acorns make investing accessible by letting you invest with your spare change.

In addition, I thought I needed to know a ton about investing to get started so I felt like I needed to study individual stocks.  Don’t worry about knowing everything about the stock market with Acorns!

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Here are the basics:


Goal: Invest spare change automatically from everyday purchases into a diversified portfolio.  This is accomplished by linking your checking, savings, and even credit card accounts to their website.  Then each purchase will be rounded up to the nearest dollar and invested in a portfolio designed for you.  In addition to setting up round up investments, you can also set an automatic transfer.  A certain dollar amount will be moved from your linked financial account and invested into your Acorns how ever often you set it up for.


Want to start investing but not sure where to start? The app acorns will literally let you invest your spare change from purchases. Check out my experience!

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5 Reasons you Need an Emergency Fund

Let’s face it.  Saving isn’t one of the most exciting things to do.  After working hard, most of us would rather take a vacation or buy a shiny new gadget right?  Although saving may not be fun, it is well worth it to save financial stress down the line.  This is where an emergency fund comes in!

Back in 2009, I was out of work for what seemed like forever!  It was tough – especially because I was committed to being independent.  At that time being independent meant not asking anyone for help even though I really needed it.  Although it was only 4 months that I was out of work, it was extremely difficult to pay my bills for that long with no income.  I did have money saved but things would have gone a lot smoother if I had a fully funded emergency fund at that time.

Check out these 5 reasons that you need an emergency fund (and how to start your emergency fund):

5 Reasons you Need an Emergency Fund

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I Saved Over $500 a Year on Insurance

Things happen in life where you realize you need to cut back on expenses.  This happened to me last summer.  The roommate that I signed a lease with for 2 years decided that he was going to move out in order to buy a house.  Even though he agreed to pay his half of the rent and a small portion of a few other bills, I was still left with the short end of the stick.  My monthly expenses were going to increase by about $150 a month.  Although $150 a month doesn’t seem like a whole lot, times that by 12 months in a year and you have a yearly increase of $1800.  Once the increase of $1800 per year really sunk in, I realized I needed to do something to lower my other expenses.

$1800 could cover an international getaway, go towards paying off my car loan early, go in my savings account, and a plethora of other things.  Once the increase of $1800 per year really sunk in, I realized I needed to do something to lower my other expenses.

Looking to squeeze extra funds out of your budget? Check out how I saved $500 a year on insurance!

My first and best attempt at cutting back on my expenses was to tackle my auto insurance.  Despite my clean credit report and driving record, my monthly policy was $135.  I immediately got to work to try to lower the bill.


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