August 2016

11 Tips to Prepare for a Cross-Country Road Trip

Today’s guest post is from Jason Butler from The Butler Journal!  Make sure you check out his bio at the end of the post. 

Have you ever thought about taking a cross-country road trip? It’s something that everyone should do at least once! Taking a cross-country road trip had been on my bucket list since 2008. In 2013, I was finally able to make it happen.

Seeing the country from coast to coast was one of the most exciting things that I’ve done in life. I had a chance to drive over 2000 miles and stop in Jacksonville, FL, Biloxi, MS, Houston, TX, San Antonio, TX, El Paso, TX, Tucson, AZ, Phoenix, AZ, and Los Angeles, CA. That in itself was amazing! It’s easier to plan and accomplish than people think. I want to share with you several things that you need to do before going on a cross-country road trip.

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4 Best Apps to Automate Saving

Saving is just like budgeting.  It isn’t the most fun thing to do but it must be done. It is proven that if you automate your saving you will save more money.   Automation makes saving easier and, most importantly, you won’t forget about it.  Check out these 4 awesome apps that help you automate saving so you can reach your goals (and save more money)!


4 Best Apps to Automate Saving

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FFF Travels: Puerto Rico for $1000 or less

Hey, Financially Fit & Fab readers! Welcome to the third installment of FFF Travels where I share details on traveling for less! If this is your first time here, welcome! The first two installments featured trips to the Dominican Republic and Panama.

The third installment of FFF Travels features a 5 day 4 night trip to Puerto Rico that I took November of 2014!  This was prior to my serious travel hacking days but I still managed to spend much less than $1000 on the trip.

Got a story to tell about traveling for less than $1000? I’m sure the readers would love to hear it! Shoot me a message at [email protected] so we can chat further! 

FFF Travels- Puerto Rico for $1000 or less

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10 Costs of Homeownership (that you haven’t considered)

First of all, congrats! If you are reading this, then you are probably in the market for a home. I was in your same place earlier this year. Looking for resources in order to assist me on my journey to homeownership.

I was looking for a checklist, you know, something to tell me how to prepare. That’s why I created these 5 steps to prepare for your first home purchase.

After I knew I was ready to buy a home, I wanted something else that showed me all the fees and costs associated with homeownership compared to apartment dwelling.  I couldn’t find anything anywhere that detailed all of the costs of homeownership.  That’s why I created this list.

10 Costs of Home Ownership(That You Haven't Considered) (1)

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7 Lessons Learned from My Previous Blog Failures

Yes, you read that correctly. I have had multiple blog failures. 3 to be exact! When I say failed I mean they never really took off. Sure I may have had a following – mostly family and friends. Sure I may have been promoting them – but I didn’t truly know how. Sure my most recent failed blog (Naturally Fit and Fab) provided opportunities to write for a local newspaper, speak on panels, and receive plenty of free goods. However, I still consider it a failed blog.

I don’t want you to go through those same struggles.  Check out this list of 7 lessons learned from my previous blog failures.

7 Lessons Learned From My Previous Blog Failures

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6 Sites to Book a Last Minute Hotel

We have all been there.  You are going out of town, you have found the perfect flight deal and your lodging plans fall through at the last minute.  What do you do next?  Book an overpriced hotel?  Cancel your trip?  Heck, no!

The next step is to find inexpensive accommodations!  Although I prefer to book one of the Airbnb alternatives, sometimes there is nothing ideal available through those sites.  My next stop is to try one of the 5 sites below!

6 Sites to Book a Last Minute Hotel (without breaking the bank)

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How I Save 50% of My Income

Today’s guest post is from Polina.  She is a member of one of the awesome Facebook groups I am in, Blog + Biz Bff’s.  Check out her bio at the end of the post.


I recently left my 9-5 job to pursue a career in freelancing and online business.  Although I wanted to leave my full-time job for a while, it took a year of preparation. The most important part of the preparation was saving money.  I wanted to have a financial cushion while I focused on building up my business full-time.

My goal was to save enough money to live for a year as soon as possible.   Although the task seemed extremely difficult, I put a plan into action to save 50% of my income each month.

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5 Credit Lessons I Wish Were Taught in School

Credit is one of those many personal finance topics that should be taught in school.  Unfortunately, I had to learn about credit the hard way.

I’ll never forget when I went to purchase my first “grown up car”. I knew what car I wanted and saved up the down payment. I figured my credit score would be good since I usually paid my bills on time. Boy, was I wrong!  Ultimately, it related to not understanding how my credit score was calculated.  Thankfully, with a little dedication, I was able to raise my credit score over 150 points!

Check out these 5 credit lessons I wish were taught in school.

5 Credit Lessons I Wish were Taught in School

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How MJ Paid off Over $39,000 of Debt in 21 Months

Recently I sat down with a friend, MJ Bridges, who paid off debt to the tune of over $39,000 of consumer debt in 21 months and started the site Young and Debt Free.  Make sure to check out his bio at the end of the post!

How MJ Paid Over $39,000 of Debt in 21 months

So MJ, I have to ask.  How did you accumulate over $39,000 of consumer debt?  That is $39,000 of debt not including your student loans!

Honestly, I was trying to “keep up with the Joneses.”  Looking at people on social media with new cars, furniture, and designer clothes.  I wanted that lifestyle.  So I had it through my credit cards.  On top of that, I was very ignorant to personal finance which led to a lifestyle of impulse buying.

I remember when I got my first credit card during my freshmen year of college.  Initially, I did a great job managing credit responsibly.  However, it got out of hand while I was pledging my fraternity.  I never recovered from that and it only continued to get worse.

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