April 2017

How My Lack of Money Knowledge Landed Me Bankrupt at 22

This is a guest post by an awesome blogger that I met last year, Kenya.  Check out her bio at the end of the post. 

I remember my first day on campus. My short blond haircut, my gray colored contacts, a new pair of Reebok Classics. I was ready for all the possibilities.

I wish I could tell you my four years of college ended in a degree and left me ready for a job in the world.

Eventually, I got the degree and the job, but not before a few other things happened first.

I started college at 17, graduated early.

Prior to going to school, I didn’t fully appreciate the lifestyle I had been afforded.

My mom grew up “down the way” as we called it where I’m from. And so she made every effort to make sure I didn’t.

I went to a predominantly white school, lived in a nice neighborhood and had everything I needed and most of what I wanted.

But by the age of 22, I had filed bankruptcy.

You are probably wondering how this happens. Well, let me share.

How My Lack of Money Knowledge Lan

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Changing Jobs? Consider these Tax-Smart Tips for Your Retirement Savings Plan

Check out the latest guest post by Rick Pendykoski from Self Directed Retirement Plans LLC.  His bio is at the end of the post.

Of all the investments and assets you own, your retirement fund is typically the largest as well as the most valuable.  Whether you’re putting money into an IRA every month or relying on an employer-provided 401k plan, the money you save today will keep growing over the years.  By the time you retire, there should be a healthy sum waiting for you.

Of course, that will only happen if you’ve managed your retirement savings properly, especially when you change jobs.  A new job might give you more and better opportunities, but it can also have a negative impact on your next egg if you don’t handle your savings the right way.

This means taking a good look at your personal finance goals, putting away as much as possible, and making the most of the tax breaks available to you.  Check out these tips for maximizing your retirement savings when you’re changing jobs:

Consider these Tax-Smart Tips for Your Retirement Savings

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