December 2017

Top 11 Habits to Obtain Financial Freedom

Today we have a guest post from James who will be discussing the top 11 habits to obtain financial freedom.  Please see his bio at the end of the post. 

Everyone wants to achieve financial freedom but taking steps towards it, is what makes a difference. Financial freedom is simply a stage where you have enough and you realize it. You are no longer stressed about your expenses and savings. There are different steps to success in the journey towards financial freedom and it starts with calculating the ways that workout for you. Before you reach out to a conclusion and make your list, glance through these 11 habits to follow that can help you attain financial freedom.

11 habits that can speed up the process of reaching your goal to attain financial freedom:

Top 11 Habits to Obtain Financial Freedom

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Common Mistakes to Avoid When Saving for Retirement

This is a sponsored post. 

Investment plans and retirement annuities need to cater for the lifestyle you want in the future. You have to invest wisely, understand the basics of the economic environment, while saving enough to improve your chances of financial independence during retirement. It is often difficult for people to adequately prepare themselves for retirement. Less than 10% of people are able to retire comfortably. Most people rely on family to support them, while the rest are forced to continue working or survive on a government pension. So what can you do to improve your chances of financial independence?

Here are 5 common mistakes you have to avoid in order to achieve your financial goals:

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8 SMART Financial Goals to Set in 2018

Happy New Year! With a new year, comes a chance to set new goals and resolutions to achieve.  The best way to achieve your desires is to set SMART goals.  SMART goals are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely.  Today, we are going to be reviewing 8 SMART Financial Goals to set in 2018.

The SMART methodology can be used for any goal that you wish to set – not just for your financial goals.  For example, if your goal for 2018 is to lose more weight you could make that a SMART goal by saying the amount of weight you want to lose each month and what you will do to achieve the goal.  Another example would be a goal of reading more books this year.  Turning that goal into a SMART goal would be saying that you are going to read one book each month all year.

Now that you know exactly what SMART goals are and how to set them, check out these 8 SMART Financial Goals to Set in 2018.

8 SMART Financial Goals to set in 2018

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18+ Ways to Make Extra Income in 2018

A new year is a time to start fresh and set new goals.  One SMART financial goal that many of you all set was to earn extra income in 2018.

Earning extra income can help you achieve so many other goals like:

The great thing about all of the options listed below is that you can do them simultaneously with your full-time job. In addition, you can try multiple avenues in order to create multiple streams of income.

Without further delay, check out these 18+ Ways to Make Extra Income in 2018!

18+ Ways to Make Extra Income in 2018

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