4 Lessons the Gym Taught Me About Investing

Today’s post is written by an awesome trading and investment coach, Tela Holcomb.  Check out her bio at the end of the post! 

Do you workout?  Earlier this year, I started working out… again and it feels great getting into shape!  I have more energy and I feel stronger.  It also feels great to know working out has long-term health benefits.

Well, it’s just as important to keep your finance in shape.  Part of being financially fit is learning how to invest for retirement.  Today, I’m sharing with you four lessons the gym taught me about investing.

4 Lessons The Gym Taught Me About Investing (1)

Lesson 1: Everyone Starts Somewhere

Honestly, when I started going to the gym I was afraid of looking stupid.  I had no idea what I was doing.  It was written all over my face (and my matching workout gear). I didn’t know how any of the machines worked so I started in the small women’s area hoping I wouldn’t be the worst one in the room!

It’s no different when you start investing in the stock market.  In the beginning, you may not know what stock to pick or the best tools to use.

I sure didn’t when I started.

But, don’t let that stop you.  Keep going.  Keep learning.  Every investor starts somewhere and if you’re willing to put in the work your knowledge and skills will grow.

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Lesson 2: Everyone Has a Different Routine

Don’t feel like you have to do the same routine as someone else.  Some people are lifting (my new thing by the way).  Some are running.  And some are doing yoga.  If lifting is not for you, don’t lift.  If running isn’t your thing, don’t run.

When it comes to the stock market, some people are trading, some are investing, and some are trading and investing.  There is no right or wrong routine.  You simply get started and along the way you figure out what works for you and stick to it.

Investing for beginners - Find out what the gym taught me about investing.

Lesson 3: Sometimes you Need a Personal Trainer

The whole idea of getting into the gym can seem overwhelming so having the support of someone who is experienced can help ease your frustration.  In the gym, a personal trainer can recommend a workout routine, meal plan and tools that support your goals.  Learning how to invest in the stock market works the same way.

According to a survey by Bankrate.com, 21% of millennials feel they don’t know enough about investing to get started.  If you’re trying to achieve certain results with your investments, it’s best to look for someone that has experience with investing and has achieved the results you are seeking.  A mentor can recommend resources and tools to help you get started that support your investment goals.

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Lesson 4: It Takes Time to See Results

When you start a new workout plan, the pounds don’t just fall off when you think about going to the gym.  Nope.  Trust me.  I tried.  You actually have to put in the work and it takes time to see results.

When investing, you may not see significant results immediately but don’t let that scare you.  Investing is about building wealth over time.  If you implement what you learn and start contributing to your portfolio consistently, you will start to build wealth.


Not sure where to start on your journey to retirement?  Start with these 4 Steps that millennials need to take to secure retirement!

4 Lessons the Gym Taught Me About Investing

Tela Holcomb is a trading and investment coach who is passionate about teaching people how to create a monthly income and build a financial legacy through trading and investing in the stock market.  Learn more at TelaHolcomb.com and jump start your trading and investing with her free email course, Stocks and Profit.

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  1. Great analogy. Keeping it simple is good, not just at first but always. Buying a few index funds (one total market, one international, +/- a REIT or bond fund) helps to diversify and still keep very low expense ratios.

    1. I agree, Julie! Keeping it simple is usually best which is why I try to keep my trading and investing that way.

  2. It takes time to see results! So true. I check Personal Capital (and the mirror) daily expecting drastic change and it just isn’t going to happen!

  3. Many people give up if they don’t see results right away. Investing is something you definitely don’t want to rush.

  4. Oh yes! So true. This what I call “blueprint” because the same steps, strategies, rules, and principles apply with our personal life as well as finances and business. It’s so important that we do not knock ourselves over the head and understand that yes we all start someone and we all have different routines. But the most important… it to get started.

  5. I loved the analogy. It is so easy to compare your journey to someone else’s(Lessons 1&2). Just like working out, we are all on different levels with our money.

    1. Oooo… That thing called comparison! You’re right… financial freedom varies for each individual or family because we’re all on different money levels.

  6. Waiting on the results is so hard for me! I like that some things have immediate results like dropping unnecessary bills. The next month I’m like… yes!!!

    1. Great tip. Instant gratification is what kills me in the gym. I want to see results now! Setting up an auto deduction into savings is a great way to see quick results in your finances, too.

  7. What a great analogy. Very well done and to the point. Millennials don’t know much about anything except what they can do to make themselves feel better about themselves and not get their feelings hurt. You just have to start and keep at it.

  8. You do make some good points. I’m very weary of the stock market and investing. I just wish there was a long term savings account that paid decent and guaranteed inserted for X number of years. It’s the interest part that gets me every time. 0.05 APR worthless!

  9. I like the parallels between the two concepts! Makes total sense! Taking care of your physical and financial “health” are so important.

  10. These are awesome tips. I’m starting to take my fitness and finances more seriously and you hit it right on the nail.

  11. This is a great analogy, and really can be applied to all aspects of life as well. Just because something seems scary and new, doesn’t mean you should avoid it. Investing in your future is so important, and it’s good to start young. Great post!

  12. The analogy between the gym and financial planning is terrific! We can learn a lot from what we already do, as in this case, the gym, fitness, and personal training.

  13. I love this, particularly number 4…nothing happens over night and it’s so easy to get frustrated while progress is slowly being made.

    1. Absolutely! I’ve been guilty of it myself. Helps to have an accountability partner (spouse, friend) with similar goals.

  14. What a great analogy! Like the gym I hate waiting on the results of putting in the effort and making changes. But meh it’s part of the process.

  15. I would have never thought to correlate the gym with investing. That’s pretty clever. I agree that it takes time to see results, and a little advising helps as well.

  16. This post is SO spot on! I love the point that everyone needs a personal trainer. You have to know when to ask for help when it comes to working out and finances.


  17. I allowed Babe to be my “personal trainer’ and I signed up with a bit of kicking and screaming. Now I’m seeing some light at the end of the tunnel. I can’t wait to see my credit score boost.

    I should have asked for help a long time ago.

  18. A personal trainer is definitely needed. It’s take strength to get out of your comfort zone and ask for help, especially to reach your end goals.

  19. Hiring a personal trainer for a one-shot program is probably a good idea if you don’t know what you need or how to get there. Having one counting reps for you weekly will probably deplete your wallet faster than your waistline. Be very careful before hiring a financial advisor; it can get expensive very quickly.

  20. Great insights! I feel like every time I go to the gym I’m inspired to write half a dozen posts for my blog. I’ve been working towards being financially savvy for a while now, so I think it got easy to forget about the initial struggle – when I’m just trying to force myself to run for a minute straight on the treadmill and struggling, I totally have flashbacks to trying to figure out how to open my IRA and a fund it. :oP

  21. Some great correlations there and so true! Lesson 2 is a good point because it’s easy to look at what others are doing and feel frustrated because you’re not doing that (or you don’t know how to). What works for some people won’t work for others, so it’s important to find your own way.

  22. This post was genius. I love the comparison between the two concepts because it’s so true! I’m going to look into her stocks and profits e-mail course. Thanks so much for sharing!

  23. Really like the article, just subscribed to your blog. Keep up the great work! The gym metaphor is really interesting for me, because I started working out again right around when i founded my company, but had never thought of this metaphor, even though it is clearly relevant. Every time i go to the gym, you see people who are struggling to start a workout routine, maybe they are new to the gym, and don’t know where to begin. The same can be said for personal finance, whether you are someone who segregates a certain portion of your paycheck to a savings account, or someone who starts by filling a jar with quarter, saving has to begin somewhere.

  24. I like the way how you compared both of these things which are very important in their own ways. It’s totally satisfying Great work Tela. Thank you!!!

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