6 Bills you Need to Negotiate

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You may have looked at your budget recently and thought: where can I save some additional money?  I don’t know about you but I do it all the time!  I am always looking for ways that I can save some additional money.  Cutting out items like that gym membership or cable can go a long way, but have you tried reducing your current monthly bills prior to getting rid of a service?  If you haven’t negotiated your bills before or haven’t negotiated your bills lately, then this post is right on time!

Check out these 6 bills that you need to negotiate to save more money as well as the steps to negotiate your monthly bills!

6 Bills You Need To Negotiate

Cable or Satellite TV

If you are like me, then you signed up for your television service (cable or satellite) while there was a special promotion going on. You know, that plan with all the tv channels you watch (and even more that you don’t watch) for a special rate.  After your introductory rate expired, what did you do?

After the introductory period expires, I always call the television company and ask what new promotion is going on that I qualify for.  If there is no current promotion, then I look at the services that I am currently receiving and figure out if I really need them all.  Do you need those premium channels if you only watch HBO once a month?  Do you need the HD channels when you don’t even watch shows on HD?



Similar to television services, the internet can be negotiated as well.  Do you have the ultra-fast internet speed meant for streaming movies and games, but you only mildly surf the web?

Don’t hesitate to call your internet provider to see what discount they will provide. Also, ask if they offer a discount associated with combining various services (i.e. internet package with television and/or home phone service).


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Cell Phone

Have you looked at your cell phone bill lately?  Are you paying for minutes that you never use based on an older plan?  Is it better to go to a low-cost provider?  I reviewed my cell phone bill last week and realized that I have been paying for roadside assistance even though I have roadside assistance through my car insurance.  Even though it was only a small discount on my plan, it will amount to savings over time.

I have had the same cell phone plan for at least 6 years!  I reviewed my cell phone bill last week and realized that I have been paying for roadside assistance even though I have roadside assistance through my car insurance.  Even though it was only a small discount on my plan, it will amount to savings over time.  Make sure you aren’t paying for minutes or other services that you are no longer using.


Car Insurance

Car Insurance is one of the easiest bills to negotiate.  Most likely, you received a few quotes for car insurance when you got a new vehicle or moved and haven’t checked on the rates since then.  Make sure to give your car insurance company a call to see if you qualify for any discounts like a multi-line discount or good student discount.  I always call around for new quotes on my car insurance every year or so to make sure that I have the best deal.

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Gym Membership/Personal Trainer

For the past six months or so, I had a gym membership and personal trainer.  The personal trainer was a large portion of my monthly budget.  Prior to canceling the service, I spoke with the trainer about semi-private lessons, personal training sessions less often, and any other option I had to reduce the monthly bill.  Initially, I was told that I had the best deal possible.  Finally, on my last day of training, I was presented with a host of options in an attempt to keep me as a client.  At that point, it was too little too late but if you currently have a personal trainer or gym membership, find out if there is a discount for you!


Alarm/Security System

Similar to the previous bills listed above, don’t hesitate to call your alarm/security system provider and see what discount you’re eligible for!  Often times there is an introductory period associated with a lower rate.  Simply asking can go a long way.

In addition, security companies are extremely competitive. If you see a discount through a different company, ask if your current provider will match or beat that deal. I recently installed an alarm system in my house and this saved me $15 per month.

No discount is too small!  For example, saving $10 a month on your cell phone bill doesn’t seem like that much, but over a year that is $120 dollars.  If you are able to save $10 a month on 3 different bills, you can save $360 a year!

Bonus Tip

Did you know that you can negotiate the interest rate on your credit card?  Yes! You read that correctly.  Over 60% of people that ask for an interest rate reduction on their credit card are approved.  The interest rate on your credit card can be negotiated.

It isn’t as easy as negotiating the other bills listed but it is possible.  You will want to make sure you have a good credit score and that you do some research.  Chances are you have been receiving credit card offers in the mail. When you give your credit card company a call, make sure to tell them that you are a loyal customer, you enjoy their credit card, but you have received some offers to leave and are willing to leave unless they will work with you.

It is helpful if you are aware of your credit score when you ask for a reduction in your interest rate.  I love using Credit Sesame to check the status of my credit score.  First of all, it is free!  Secondly, they provide helpful tips to raise your credit score.  Click here to try Credit Sesame for yourself.


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I challenge you this week to contact 1 company that supplies a service listed above and see if there is a better deal available.  Let me know in the comments if you are able to get a deal!  No deal or discount is too small.  Looking for tips to negotiate your bills?  Haven’t negotiated a bill before?  

Check out this post: Steps for Negotiating Monthly Bills.

6 Bills You Need To Negotiate

Have you negotiated any of the above bills or other bills in the past?  If so, share your techniques in the comments!


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Looking for extra money in your budget? Start by negotiating these 6 bills and let me show you how to do it.


  1. Tia,
    Every January I have to call up my cable company to get a discount…i usually get a rate reduction plus a free year of Showtime or Starz because there is always a promotion going on…i usually save about $20 a month by doing this…it’s amazing how much they try increase my cable bill each year

    1. It is great that you remember to call the cable company! I used to always forget. To try to combat that, I set a reminder in my phone around the time I need to call.

  2. I didn’t realize that you could negotiate these types of bills. I need to get on the phone right now!

  3. My cable, internet and phone bill are all bundled together so I’m always calling for promotions that will lower my bill.

  4. My cable will negotiate sometimes but not often. I also negotiate with satellite radio!

  5. The cable thing is so true. I hated dealing with it so much that I actually cancelled my subscription all together and now just use Netflix. It’s way cheaper and I don’t have to deal with the rate changes all the time.

  6. I have done away with cable altogether. we decided it to be best for our budget and having greater control over what our kids watch about 2 years ago and I dont plan to go back. Luckily my mom works for our cell phone company so we get unlimited everything for a low rate and I check insurance rates regularly to make sure we are getting the best rate. some people stay loyal to their company regardless of price but being an agent taught me that it doesn’t matter who you insure with as much as it does that you keep insurance. there are some factors to consider but overall you want to shop around because the variable that make up insurance pricing are beyond your control.

  7. Good point. I never thought to try and negotiate my cell phone bill!. I wonder if T-Mobile will take the bait? 🙂

  8. I need to call and negotiate my cable, internet, cell and especially my car insurance. I guess I’ll take care of that tomorrow. Thanks for the reminder!

  9. I’ve negotiators my cell, cable and most recently my Sirius Xm radio subscription. I’m all for money saving

  10. Awesome, awesome advice! You’re so right, every little bit adds up, and counts! And it never hurts to try to negotiate your bills down lower.

  11. We don’t have cable but I keep forgetting to negotiate our phone bill. We have been with the same carrier for over 8 years and they haven’t offered any “perks”. Time to negotiate. Great advice 🙂

  12. I wish I could
    Cut them all completely except insurance and Internet. So expensive. These are great tips!

  13. These are great ways to save money monthly. The more we save the faster we can achieve our personal financial goals.

  14. I just negotiated my cable bill, which is something I do a couple of times a year. I really need to negotiate my car insurance. Not sure of why I have been with this company for years and never thought to do that.

  15. I love this! First thing I did after reading this was search online for special pricing from our alarm company. It turned out we’re paying substantially less then they advertise – so that was a good thing. Last week I contacted Hulu and they knocked off $2 off my monthly bill. Teenie win, but a win nonetheless 🙂

  16. Couldn’t agree more! There are certain bills that you just shouldn’t pay astronomical amounts for, and you nailed all of them! Great read.

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