6 Items that have the Best Resale Value (to make money fast)!

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There are a couple of ways to make extra money quickly.  Of course, you could try a side-hustle like driving for Uber or freelance writing.  You could even try to open up a new credit card or checking account that comes with a bonus for signing up.  Typically, though, those options can take time to actually receive the money.  However, you may be able to find extra money by selling items that you have at your house.  Like the saying goes – one person’s trash is another person’s treasure.  Check out these 6 items that have the best resale value.

5 Items that have the Best Resale Value (to make money fast)

Apple iPhone

I am notorious for selling my old iPhone’s in order to use that money to buy a new iPhone.  I have literally used the same process for years.

If you aren’t an Apple fanatic like myself, you still should be able to sell your cell phone.  The key is that iPhones typically have the best resale value which means they can command more money than other cell phone brands.  For example, the Samsung Galaxy S7 new goes for a retail price of $569.99.  A used Samsung Galaxy S7 used on eBay sells for about $250.

Apple Watch

Have you noticed a trend here?  The Apple watch is the next Apple product on the list!  Apple products tend to hold their resale value really well so it should be no surprise that the Apple watch fits in the same category.  A new Apple Watch Series 1 38mm will run you about $239.95 whereas a used Apple Watch with the same specifications will only save you about $40 (running for $199.00).  If you no longer use your Apple Watch or need to make some extra money quickly, consider selling it.

Fitbit Surge

Similarly to the Apple Watch, the Fitbit Surge is another fitness wearable that holds its resale value you well.  Right now a new Fitbit Surge will run between $220-250 and a used similar model will run about $150.  If you have dumped your Fitbit for an Apple Watch or something similar, selling your Fitbit Surge is a great way to make some extra cash quickly.

Beats by Dre

Have any Beats by Dre headphones lying around that haven’t been touched in a while?  Although Beats by Dre may not be the best headphones in terms of quality, they do have the best resale value in terms of similar devices.  For example, new Beats by Dr. Dre Solo 3 Wireless Headphones will run you about $185; and a used version of the same product will run you about $145.


Surprised by this item on the list?  I know I was until I did further research.  Although this item is a little tougher to ship, bicycles are very good at holding their resale value.  Similar to cars, more expensive bicycles lose their resale value faster.  However, a bike in very good condition would only lose half of its resale value over 5 years.

Television Streaming Device (Firestick, Chromecast, Apple TV)

I was in the market for an Apple TV about a year ago.  I figured I could find an awesome deal by getting a previous generation model or used version.  Boy, was I wrong.  Most television streaming devices have excellent resale values.  Therefore, you will only save $20 or so by going with a used device.

For example, if you are in the market for an Apple TV 4th generation 32GB, a new version will run you about $129.  A used version of the same Apple TV storage and model will run you about $105.  Although you are saving $25 by going with a pre-owned or used version, it may no longer be within warranty in the event something happens with the device.


6 Items that have the Best Resale Value


Now that you know which items have the best resale value in order to make money quickly, you will have to consider what platform you will use to sell the items.  Check out the following options:

Best Places to Resale Items

Ebay – Typically you can command the most money if you sell your goods on eBay.  However, it may take longer for you to get your money via eBay.  With eBay, the items that you are able to sell can be seen from around the world.  I have sold cell phones on eBay in the past and have had very good success.  The phone sold within 24 hours!

Craigslist – A popular option to resale your items is Craigslist.  Craigslist has been around for quite some time.  You can easily post your items and anonymously post your contact information so you aren’t bombarded by requests.

Offerup – Offerup is a fairly new site where you can post items for people in your local area to purchase from you.  Offerup is a good option if you live in a well-populated area and you are looking to get cash quickly.  I will say I have attempted to sell items on Offerup.  I received a lot of inquiries regarding the items; however, it was tough to find a seller for the price that I was looking for.

Facebook Marketplace – Facebook Marketplace is very similar to Offerup.  You will be mainly selling to people who are in your immediate area.  The benefit of Facebook Marketplace is that you can easily share the items you are selling to your Facebook friends.  In addition, you have the benefit of everyone that uses Facebook with access to the items that you are selling.

Garage Sale – Another option to sell your items would be via a garage sale.  The market for finding buyers is a lot smaller than the other options mentioned; however, you can receive cash on the spot for your goods.


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What items have you sold to make money quickly?  Is there an item that I have missed that you would consider having the “best resale value”?


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  1. Great list! Apple products are notorious for holding their value.

    I have sold pretty much anything that I wasn’t using. Old technology was by far the winner. I, surprisingly, sold a 15 year old Lennox printer on Craigslist.

  2. Apple iPhones are for sure a big hit re: resale value! Regarding the bikes, my husband and I actually scour garage sales for old bicycles and resell them! In fact, he just picked one up for $5 last weekend and it looks like we may be able to get $100 out of it. Nothing a little paint can’t fix! Lol!

    1. oh me gee! That is crazy. I have heard of buying these inexpensively and reselling them but I never realized how much money you could make! That is an awesome side hustle.

  3. All good things to resell. I have started to dabble – or at least think about dabbling – in buying stuff and selling it on Craigslist or eBay for a profit. I found a $1 Starbucks mug yesterday, an older one from their previous “location” series. The location was Paris and I’m so pumped that I may be able to make a quick $30 on it. Makes me think “if I could just find someone selling hundreds of these for really cheap…” : )

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