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Thank you for tuning into the investing webinar with our founder, Tia Chambers.  We hope you were able to realize the importance of starting to invest early and that almost anyone can start investing with only $5.



Below are the resources that Tia mentioned during the webinar.


Acorns allows you to invest your spare change into an ETF based upon your time horizon and risk.  The app automatically rounds up your spare change from debit and credit card purchases and invests that in the stock market for you.

If you are ready to try Acorns for yourself, click here.  You’ll get $5 added to your account to start.


Stash is an app that allows you to invest small dollar amounts based in ETFs with objectives that are similar to your personal beliefs.  For example, if you want to invest in socially responsible companies, Stash has an ETF for you.  You only need $5 to get started with Stash.

If you are ready to try Stash out use my link and you’ll get $5 added to your account.


Betterment is a more robust investing app that provides a detailed breakdown of your investments.  If you are looking to invest a higher dollar amount, Betterment is a great place to start.

Click here to try Betterment for yourself.


Looking to invest directly in individual stocks instead of ETFs?  If so, Robinhood would be your best best.  They are known for low fees in order to help anyone invest in stocks.

If you are ready to try Robinhood, you can use my link here.

While you are here, check out these related resources that I guarantee you will enjoy:


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