8 Tips to Catch a Flight Deal

Tips to Catch a Flight Deal

Airlines employ artificial intelligence & algorithms that factor – in demand, time, weather conditions, fuel costs, major festivals, holidays, and much more to price a ticket.  Still, flight deals are available if you’re willing to put in some time & effort. Here being flexible with your schedule and getting creative with travel plans will help … Read more

12 Top Money Saving Challenges to Try in 2022

Top Money Saving Challenges

Money-saving tasks can be turned into a fun-filled activities with small yet simple challenges. Cash up to $1500 a year can be saved which otherwise would have been hard without the challenge. Money challenges also help you – Start a habit of saving consistently Learn about your financial goals Track your budget Improve your personal … Read more

7 Reasons You Should Skip Black Friday Shopping

Reasons you should Skip Black Friday Shopping

Last year, Amazon started an early Black Friday in the first week of October, that stretched till Thanksgiving.  I couldn’t find any starking difference between the deals offered during the “pre”-sale and the Black Friday sale. No doubt, there were a few exciting deals for grabs but most of it was leftovers from the pre-sale … Read more

How I Raised My Credit Score 150+ Points

How I Raised My Credit Score 150+ Points

My friend recently pulled his credit report to see where he stood. I followed my friend’s lead and pulled my credit score too.   I only had one $800 credit card from college. For the most part, all my bills were paid on time.  My credit score was 580 on the report……. which was an utter … Read more