15+ Frugal Fall Date Ideas (that won’t break the bank)

Kids are back in school. Football season has started. The weather is getting cooler in the evening.

Can you believe that fall is already here? I know I can’t! Before you know it, we will start talking about Christmas. In that spirit, it is time to start getting your finances in order for the holidays and the start of the new year. That means cutting expenses wherever you can. The great thing is that an awesome date night with your main squeeze doesn’t have to be expensive!

Since the start of fall just happened last week, check out these awesome 15 frugal fall date ideas that won’t break the bank:


Winery Tour

Winery tours are one of the best date activities! Enjoy a tour around a local winery and sample a variety of wines for a low rate. Call in advance to see if there are specials available on certain days to ensure this date idea stays frugal.

Brewery Tour

Don’t like wine? If you enjoy beer, then a brewery tour is right up your alley. Similarly to winery tours, find a local brewery. Take a tour around the facility and sample some o the specialties.

Nature Hike

Orange, yellow and red leaves start to cover the trees. Enjoy the seasonal changes with a nature hike. For bonus points, pack lunch to enjoy together.

Movie Night

Movies theaters make for a great but often expensive date night! To avoid breaking the bank at the movie theater, make it a Netflix and Chill night.

If you can’t find anything good on Netflix, head to your local Redbox for movies that were more recently seen in the movie theater. The concessions stands tend to be what break the bank at movie theaters so enjoy making your own movie theater style popcorn at home.

Game Night

I don’t know about you but I have a super competitive spirit! Grab your beau and call over some friends for a game night. Depending on your mood, you could play cards, taboo, monopoly or any other multiplayer game.

Have each couple bring a dish and/or drink so the costs of the evening are equally spread around the group.

Coffee Date

Starbucks pumpkin spice latte is a fall staple. Although I have kicked my Starbucks habit to the curb in an effort to save more money, a coffee date is a great way to get out of the house and enjoy different scenery.

Chili Cook-off

One of my favorite foods when the weather is colder is chili! Challenge your beau to a chili cook off to see whose cooking skills are the best.

If you don’t have a winning recipe yet, head over to Pinterest to find one. The best thing is you’ll have food leftover for the next week!

Pokemon Adventure

My boyfriend and I tried this last weekend and it was an awesome frugal fall date idea! Download the Pokémon Go! app on your phone and explore the neighborhood while you catch random Pokémon characters. It’s a great way to get some fresh air and enjoy the outdoors while you try something a bit different.

Apple Orchard

I love apple pie, apple cider, apple cider, and the list goes on! Venture to your local apple orchard and pick a variety of apples. The best part is you can enjoy the fruits of your labor with delicious treats!

Pumpkin Picking

Fall time means that pumpkin patches are in full swing! Head to your local pumpkin patch and pick out at least 2 pumpkins.

Once you get home you can have a pumpkin decorating competition. In addition, you can use the scraps to make delicious pumpkin pie.

Paint Party

Have to been to wine and canvas or a similar activity? If you haven’t, it costs $35+ per person to have an instructor guide you to paint a masterpiece. Although it’s a lot of fun, it isn’t frugal.

Instead of paying $35 for the supplies, studio, and teacher head you your local arts and crafts store for supplies. Once you have the supplies for 2, there are videos on YouTube that take you step by step to paint your own masterpiece.

Yoga Class

Yoga is an extremely relaxing activity. Try yoga with your partner as an inexpensive date. If you’re already a member of a gym, you may be able to attend a free or discounted class.


Before it gets too cold outside, put your feet to the pavement! There are always 5ks available where you can get some exercise in and support a good cause.

Bike Ride

Pull out your bicycle and go for a couples ride! If you don’t have a bike, many cities over bike ride share programs where you can rent a bike for the afternoon for a small fee.

Free Events in Your City

Lastly, every city has free events available! Use a simple Google search to find free events in your city that you and your boo can enjoy for your next date night.

What is your favorite fall date idea that doesn’t break the bank?  Tell us in the comments!

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