3 Reasons You Should File Your Tax Return with 1040.com

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Can you believe it is already February?!  Time is surely flying this year.  February typically means Valentine’s Day and President’s Day but tax season is also in full swing!  If you haven’t filed your tax return yet, you are in luck.  Today I am going to explain 3 reasons you should file your tax return with 1040.com!

3 Reasons You Should File Your Taxes with 1040.com

Maximum Refund

The first reason that you should use 1040.com to file your tax return is because they guarantee that you will receive the maximum federal and state refund possible.  The site is easy to use and has 100% accurate calculations.

In addition, you won’t break the bank in order to file your tax return.  Depending on your tax needs, there are 3 price points for filing your federal tax return: Free, $19.95, and 39.95.

Free Tax Calculator

Curious what your tax refund will be but haven’t gotten all of the documents yet?  1040.com has you covered.  You can estimate your tax refund with their free calculator.  The calculator is extremely simple to use and you can have an estimate of your tax refund amount within minutes.

Clean Water Initiative

The last but coolest reason that you should use 1040.com to file your tax return is that they will give $2 to Healing Waters International for every tax return filed through their site.  Healing Waters International is a non-profit organization that strives to make clean, safe water accessible to people across the world.

Even if someone files a free return, 1040.com will still donate $2 for that return.  $2 gives one person access to clean water for 2 months!  You can literally make a difference by filing your tax return online with 1040.com.  For more information about the clean water initiative, visit www.1040.com/giving-back.


What are you waiting for?  Head over to 1040.com to file today!

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  1. I love how 1040 is giving a service AND helping out a charity. I think more businesses should do this!

  2. That’s a great thing they are doing for the clean water initiative. Thank goodness I’ve already put 2016 taxes behind me though!

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