(Featured) Finding Money to Trade with a Tight Budget

Think you don’t have any money to trade?  I am here to tell you that you are wrong!  Everyone has money to trade.  Yes, even you.  If financial freedom is truly a priority to you, then you can make trading happen.  Together we will find money for you to trade even if you are on a tight budget!

Sacrifices may need to be made but have you thought about why you want to trade?  Are you looking to retire early?  Create a stream of income?  Fund a business? Or even pay down debt?  Knowing the why will make the next 4 steps so much easier.

Finding Money to Trade


Head over to www.TelaHolcomb.com where I talk about the for the 4 steps to finding money to trade on a tight budget!

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    1. Thanks for pointing that out DC. The link to the article is as follows: http://www.telaholcomb.com/blog/finding-money-on-a-budget

  1. Got the chance to read your article and there were some great points being made! Especially negotiating your bills. I think that is something everyone has control of and just monitoring special deals can save you a large amount of money in the long run.

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