4 Flight Fees Financially Fit Travelers Never Pay

If you haven’t noticed already, traveling is one of my favorite pastimes.  With that being said, I ensure that I cut costs wherever I can while traveling.  Many discount airlines, like Frontier and Spirit, appear to have the lowest priced fares.  However, after taking into account flight fees, flights between different airlines are often times are very comparable.  Check out these 4 Flight Fees Financially Fit Travelers Never Pay as well as tips on avoiding those fees.

4 Flight Fees Financially Fit Travelers Never Pay

Checked Baggage Fees

Charging a fee for checked baggage has been the rave with airlines in the last 5 years.  Although many airlines charge a fee, there are certain ways to get around that.  First of all, most airlines do not charge for carry on luggage.  If I know I am taking a trip for a week or less, I fit everything in my carry-on bag.  In addition, Southwest Airlines is one of the few airlines that does not charge a fee for checked baggage for domestic or international flights.  Most airlines waive the checked baggage fee for international travel.  Lastly, many airlines will waive the checked baggage fee if you are a rewards or credit card holder.

Overweight Baggage Fees

This is the most dreaded last minute flight fee.  You are going on a long trip and have overstuffed your luggage only to hear the airline attendant tell you that your bag is overweight. Luggage that is considered overweight is typically 50 lbs or more and depending on the airline the fee can be a whopping $75!

To avoid being shocked at the check-in counter by the weight of your luggage, don’t overstuff your bags.  If you think you’re cutting it close or plan on picking up a lot of items on your trip, then make sure to have a larger carry on with space to fit extra belongings.


Airport Food & Drinks

Eating out is my financial kryptonite. I always spend too much money on food when eating out and the airport is no different.  The problem with spending money at the airport is that 9 times out of 10 it is overpriced.  To avoid purchasing food at the airport, make sure you eat a hearty meal prior to arriving.

flight fees

Full Price Plane Tickets

With all the tips and tricks to fly for less, there is no reason anyone should pay full price for a plane ticket.

Before planning your next trip, check out the following posts on flying for less:


When travel hacking ensure you avoid these 4 flight fees!

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When traveling (by air or land) is there a fee or service that you refuse to pay for?  Are there other flight fees that you have incurred?  How do you avoid flight fees?

Flying doesn't have to be expensive! If you find an awesome flight deal, make sure you don't get caught up by one of these 4 flight fees.


  1. The last time l remember paying baggage fees was when we moved from the U.S. We had so many extra suitcases. Now, l try to take everything in my hand luggage. My last trip was 12 days long and did it with a carry on. I do however sometimes end up eating at the airport depending on flight times and layovers. It sucks sometimes as it can be very costly.

    1. Wow! You will have to teach me your ways. I don’t think I could pack for 12 days in just a carry on.

  2. I try to avoid checked bag fees at all costs lol! I usually take a carry on bag for that reason (when it’s a short trip) and the plus side to that is that if it ends up being too big or there’s no space in the overhead bins, they’ll check it in for free ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. I love that part, Marsha! When you get to the gate, and the airline attendants ask if anyone wants to check their bags at no additional fee.

  3. I don’t travel much, but I would definitely avoid these fees. The only thing I’ve paid for has been airport food, which I can easily prepare for next time to avoid as well.

  4. I am almost always caught with an overweight bag, luckily it is usually just a few pounds over and they just let it slide. I am also the queen of overpacking which means…I can rarely get all my stuff into a carry on– I did do it once though!

  5. I’m so guilty of buying that million dollar fast food…AND paying for bags at times! Not all the time though. Lol

  6. Great tips!! I am such an overpacker, but lately, with the added fees, have really been trying to pack essentials only. I need to check out those sites for cheaper airline tickets!!

  7. These are great tips! I pay overweight luggage fees far too often! It’s so annoying.


  8. I certainly hate paying bag fees. That is one reason I love South West. When They charge I bring a carry on.

    I need flight discounts though.

  9. I try to not buy my ticket if they have checked baggage fees! I like to have two big to either carry or check in!

  10. I almost never have to pay the baggage fees. I have eaten at the airport though, and yes that can be quite expensive. Thanks for sharing these great tips!

  11. I flew for the first time ever back in October. I took a weekend trip to Dallas. I avoided the checked baggage fees by creatively packing my carry-on lol. However, I did not avoid the outrageous prices of airport restaurants. I’ll plan better next time. Great post.

    1. How was your trip to Dallas? That is a city in Texas that I still need to visit. Great job planning ahead and avoiding the baggage fees. You know for next time to stay away from airport food. ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Great tips! I have recently learned the secret of flight deals and find myself travelling a lot more lately

  13. It is so easy to avoid the overweight baggage fee. If you can’t weigh your luggage before you go you probably deserve to pay!

  14. These are great tips that definitely use, so I must be a financially fit traveler! ๐Ÿ˜‰ The overweight baggage fees made me think of how I felt like my suitcase was too heavy for my Brazil trip, so I pulled out a few items at the last minute before I left for the airport to be sure. Then I saw all of my friend’s suitcases, and there bags were way bigger than mine, so I probably could’ve left the extra items in, but better to be safe than sorry!

  15. I’ve never paid for airplane food, but I have indulged in a drink! ๐Ÿ˜€ oh how I enjoyed the party days! I have to try those techniques for baggage next time! TY!

  16. I hate paying for bags! I try to always fly Southwest. They have 2 free checked bags and they are kind enough to check strollers and car seats at no extra charge. I remember when I used to be able to upgrade to first class for $35 with United. They don’t offer that anymore.

    1. That it the great benefit of Southwest – free checked bags! It also helps save money for families where flights can already get pricey if little ones are old enough to need their own seats!

  17. Great tips and as a travel blogger I can definitely agree with them! I think eating a good meal before you arrive to the airport and bringing your own food onto the airplane can be great for not only saving money but for keeping your energy up by avoiding bad airport food that will make you feel lethargic. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. I agree Mimi! In the past, I had one too many cases of bad airline food that was overpriced and ended up making me feel sick at the airport.

  18. Great tips. I’m always guilty of overweight bags but the good thing is I’m usually able to take something out to get it where it should be.

  19. Yeah! Carry on bag is the answer ^ ^ I tried my best everytime I travel and lucky I was able to bring all the important stuff without having a one huge luggage. I am getting pro at it ha-ha ๐Ÿ˜€

  20. All great tips. I always check the fees before I fly. i recently took a flight and packed everything into my carry on. It was well worth it, I rather spend my money on a car rental than luggage.

  21. Airport food and drinks are the worst! They are such a rip off! YUCK! I HATE paying for them. I’m actually going on a trip on Monday and I’m going to eat and take my own snacks so I don’t have to resort to overpriced airport food/drinks.

  22. Amen! I’m glad I never hit any of those fees. I’m currently in Europe for a total of 6 weeks and took a backpack and duffel bag. The checked baggage fees are NOT worth it at all. I also completely agree with you about eating prior to flights (or even bringing carry on sized spirits). The only thing that kills me is layovers when I’m hungry! lol. Great post.

    Courtney | thirty30courtney.com

    1. Have an awesome time in Europe! I am slightly jealous. lol

      I totally agree that long layovers are the worst. Airport food and at least water become to tempting even though it is all high priced.

  23. Haven’t paid a baggage fee in years. Domestic flights for me are for a few days, and can pack everything in and carry-on. Intl flights, I usually can get a premium seat on miles, which includes a checked bag. Btw, leveraging spending for miles is another good way to fly for less.

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