The Only Way to Get your Free Credit Report!

The last few weeks we have been talking about credit! In case you missed the previous posts, check out Credit Report Basics and Do you Have a Good Credit Score? Let’s discuss the only way to obtain a copy of your free credit report!

The Only Way to Get your Free Credit Report

Before you start building or repairing your credit, make sure you obtain a copy of your free credit report.  Many companies will advertise that they can supply the report for you.  Don’t get tricked by impostors!  The only website that you can obtain a free copy of your credit report is! is a collaborative effort from the 3 largest credit reporting agencies- Experian, Transunion & Equifax. Federal law allows you to get 1 copy of your free credit report every 12 months from each credit reporting agency.

Personally, I pull one credit report from each bureau every three to four months. Why you ask? It’s important to ensure the information is accurate. A recent Federal Trade Commission study of the US found that 5% of consumers had errors on one of their credit reports. Inaccurate information can cause you to be denied for credit and/or paying higher interest rates.  In addition, I have been a victim of identity theft in the past.  Checking your credit report regularly can help you catch fraudulent situations!

Bonus Tip:  You may be wondering is it ever worth paying for sites provide your credit report or credit score. only provides you a copy of your free credit report from the largest 3 credit reporting agencies.  The site DOES NOT provide you with your credit score.  Some sites will charge to provide you a credit score and/or credit monitoring services.  If you are preparing to make a large purchase like a house or car, credit monitoring services can be worth. Also, if you’ve previously been a victim of identity theft or your personal information has been compromised, credit monitoring services may be valuable. In addition, if you apply for credit and are denied, you should receive the reason in writing and can request a copy of your credit report from that vendor.


Have you pulled your credit report recently and noticed collections items, inaccuracies or inquiries?  We can help with that!  Send me an email to [email protected] for more information regarding credit restoration.


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The Only Way to Get your Free Credit Report

When is the last time you pulled your free credit report?  


  1. I’ve only pulled my credit report once :0 It’s something I need to do this year. I check my credit score every month, though, as it’s provided for free by my credit card company.

    1. I’m glad this post helped remind you. Definitely pull your credit report to ensure there is no fraudulent activity! 🙂

  2. I haven’t had need to pull my credit report recently since l have no use for it. While still stateside, l did pull it annually and yep..there were some errors that l had to fix. It’s always a good idea to check it every so often.

    1. It seems like you are living the awesome life abroad and not working about credit/bank fees/etc! Great to hear that you have pulled your credit report in the past and were able to fix inconsistencies.

  3. I have to remember to pull my free credit report once a year. I have credit monitoring thanks to my job so I keep an eye on things. I also use credit Karma to see how things are scoring.

    1. It is awesome to see so many companies that provide free credit monitoring. I use credit karma as well to give me an estimate of my credit score. When purchasing a house recently, I did learn that the score provided by credit karma was quite different than what the lenders were pulling.

  4. I usually pull my report once a year. I thought and Credit Karma also offer free reports – no? In any case, thanks for the reminder that it’s time for me to request an updated report.

    1. Great questions. is a site through Experian so you can get your Experian credit report there for free. Credit Karma is a free service as well which will provide reports from Transunion and Equifax. Both sites make money through advertisements (i.e. they may present you a credit card or loan offer). is the only site authorized by law that provides you with credit reports from all three bureaus.

      Personally, I use Credit Karma as more of an estimate for what is going on in terms of my credit score/credit report, but still pull all three reports from once a year.

  5. I use this every single year for the hubs and I. In addition to my credit monitoring through the credit bureau and I have it for free from my job due to their breech. It is funny though how many people dont even know this resource is available.

    1. Awesome that you and your husband are on the ball! I agree there are so many free financial services that aren’t well known.

  6. As a person who has had her identity stolen, I know the importance of running my credit report often. I also see a lot of people using credit Karma these days too.

    1. I’m sorry your identity was stolen! The same thing happened to me which is a reason I check my report often as well.

  7. I pull my credit report every year! There is absolutely no reason to pay for it! My job has credit monitoring too!

  8. I probably should check mine out. I am starting to get a bunch of offers in the mail, so I need to see what THEY see!

  9. I will be honest I really need to check my credit. Once I find out my number I can try to fix it!

  10. I haven’t checked my credit report in so long and this is a great reminder to do it just about now. Thank you so much.

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