Google Destinations: Your Free Travel Agent

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If you haven’t caught on by now, traveling is one of my favorite pastimes. The latest two lifestyle posts were titled 4 Tips to Catch a Flight Deal and The #1 Flight Search Engine.  Both of those posts chronicle a few of my tips to finding a flight deal.  Earlier this month, “Google Destinations” was released which not only helps you find flight deals but also provides quick access to the hotel, dining, and excursion deals.

Google Destinations - Your Free Travel Agent

Check out this awesome video released by Google on March 8th that covers the basics:

Get Started

To experience Google Destinations, grab your smartphone and search using Google any state, country or geographical region and add the word “destination”.  Google’s new technology integrates information from Google Flights and Hotel Searches to initially show you low price dates, round trip flight price and hotel price per night.

In the example below, I searched “Caribbean Destinations” on the google app on my iPhone.  I received round trip flight and hotel price information for over 8 cities in the Caribbean.

Google Destinations


Once you find a city that you are interested in traveling to, you can click on the city name.  For the example below, I clicked on San Juan and was presented with two tabs: explore and plan a trip.


The explore tab provides basic information about San Juan, suggested itineraries, top sites to see, when to visit and links to videos about the city.

Google Destinations: Explore

Google Destinations: Explore

Plan a Trip

The plan a trip tab allows you to estimate your trip price based upon the dates, number of travelers, and hotel star rating.

Google Destinations: Plan a Trip Google Destinations: Plan a Trip


Overall, I am very impressed with Google Destinations!  I went traveled to Puerto Rico in 2014 and visited over 10 different websites to find the information provided on just two tabs.

Google Destinations- Your Free Travel Agent (1)

Will you use Google Destinations to plan your next vacation?  


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Google has done it again. Not only can you find a low cost flight but you can also find lodging, food, and entertainment within your budget.


  1. THIS!!! Great info, I am actually searching this way now. Saves time having to visit multiple places for separate booking and having to add it all up yourself. Thanks

  2. Thanks for post Tia! I had not heard of Google Destinations until now, but I am certainly going to check it out!

    1. So glad it was helpful, Ricky! Let me know if y’all plan a trip using google destinations! I love to hear success stories.

  3. This is a game changer. I am going to check it out right now for an upcoming trip. Fantastic post, as l had no idea of this newest google usefulness 🙂

  4. Yes, I would use Google Destinatons!! I would love to go to Grecce!! This is one of my bucket list trips!!

  5. Google is killing the game, I had no idea. I’m always on the go to somewhere, I can’t wait to check it out. Thanks for the tidbit.

  6. I love google flights and I absolutely adore the destinations feature. Travel is one of my favorite past times as well and I find google makes it easy to plan a budget vacation.

    I see that we have a few things in common as we are both budget conscious Tias who love travel. Nice to meet you.

  7. I usually check google for flights but realized their prices were about $20 or so more then the flights directly from the airline. However, I’m a bit impressed by this. I’ll be traveling soon and I’ll give this a go. Hopefully it will bridge the gap for me in finding things to do that is BUDGET friendly.

    1. Yea! Google destinations is awesome. I usually start there and purchase directly through the airline.

  8. This is such an amazing travel resource! I don’t know how I’d never heard of this. Thanks for sharing.

  9. This is great info! Thanks for sharing. I just came from Barbados a few weeks ago. Wish I knew about it then.

  10. Leave it to Google to create something cool like this! I’m planning a trip to the West Coast so this will be very handy!

  11. Great info! I’m definitely going to check out your other 2 posts too because these flights for a family of 5 is no joke

    1. Great! Hopefully the flight deal posts will help you save some money when planning your next family vacation.

  12. This is so cool! I had no idea this even existed! I could totally see using Google to plan my next trip!

  13. This is awesome! We’re looking to plan a trip later this summer, so this will be so helpful. Thanks for showing how to use it too.

  14. I haven’t heard of this option. Thanks for sharing. I will definitely use Google destinations for my future trips.

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