Top 5 Side Hustles to Make Extra Money While Working Full Time

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Todays post is a guest post by Victoria regarding top 5 side hustles to make extra money while working full time.  See her bio at the end of the post.

Young professionals are quick to realize that having a full-time job often isn’t enough to meet their financial needs. One of the most obvious reasons to get a side hustle is to earn some extra money while working full time.  However, there are other equally important reasons as well.  A side job will help you expand your knowledge and skill base.  At one point, you can even turn your side project into an alternative career.

The key to choosing a gig is picking something that won’t disturb your day job and drain your resources or your energy. These jobs are much easier to find than you might think and the only thing to worry about is how skilled you are at using your time efficiently.

5 Side Hustles to Make Extra Money While Working Full Time


Virtual assistants

Most jobs these days can be done remotely. This allows the companies to have access to talented people from all over the world and save money on maintaining an office. However, there’s still a need for office work, even if it’s done in a virtual setting.

Being a virtual assistant requires all the same skills, talents, and knowledge as an assistant who isn’t virtual.  You need to be organized, trustworthy, and able to work well in a team environment. If you have all of these skills, a virtual assistant could be a great side gig for you. The job can be done from your own home and in a timeframe that suits your schedule.

Finding a quality job as a virtual assistant isn’t always easy.  One good way is to let your friends and family know that you have some free time and you are looking to do work as a virtual assistant.  If they are unable to hire you, they may know someone who can take you on as a client.

Taking surveys

Companies need to have a good understanding of their clients and customers. That helps them create better marketing campaigns and make the products better-suited to the needs of the market. There are many ways to get the necessary information, but surveys are often the most reliable one.

Share your opinion and earn some extra money by doing paid surveys online. There are no special skills needed for this job and all you need to do is take it seriously and answer the question truthfully. What’s especially great about this gig is that you can organize it around your own schedule and do it only when you need the extra cash.

Two of the sites that I use to make money while working full time include:

  • Swagbucks
  • American Consumer Opinion

First of all, it is completely free to take surveys through both of the sites.  Both of the sites are super reputable and I have quite a few friends who have used them to make some extra money.  The best way to make money while taking surveys is to apply to as many survey sites as possible.  That way you open the door to make more money.  Click here to try Swagbucks and click here to try American Consumer Opinion.

Fitness Instructor

This gig requires quite a lot of skills and talents, but if you have them, you could make a significant amount of money doing it. It could even become more lucrative than your day job. Fitness instructor’s main job is to guide their clients through the fitness session and help them achieve their health goals.

Have in mind, though, that this gig isn’t only about understanding fitness and exercising. It’s also very much about being good at motivating others and being able to share your experience with the clients.

If you are interested in being a fitness instructor, head to your local gym asap.  Find out what qualifications (if any) they are looking for.  At the beginning of each calendar year, gyms receive an influx of people looking to get in shape.  Therefore, it is a perfect time for them to put your services to use.

Dog Walker

Dog walking is a fun side hustle that allows you to turn your love for animals into something more profitable. You should commit to doing this is if you love dogs and are willing to treat them with care. Dog walking is usually paid by the hour, which means you can have as many clients as your regular job allows you.

If you have additional skills like dog training, you could charge more for them, but this often requires you to have some proof of your skills. The biggest problem with this job is that you need to spend some time and possibly some money on advertising your services and finding clients.

This is another job where it may be good to let your friends and family know that you plan on dog walking in addition to your full time job.  Also, promote your services on social media.

Top 5 Side Hustles to Make Extra Money while working full time

Getting crafty

Those who have an artistic talent could use the internet to make some extra money while working full time. There’s always work for those who are able to create engaging and interesting pieces of art. Etsy is there to sell almost anything that people draw or make – you just need to find the right niche.

Those with a talent for writing could easily turn their hobby into a job by ghostwriting or using their blogs to promote products or services.  Freelance writing is a popular field for bloggers that want to be paid for what they typically do on their own sites for free.


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Side hustles are a great way for a variety of reasons.  You can earn extra money, get a few additional skills to add to your CV and create an alternative for your current job. The key to having one is knowing how to organize your time.


Author Bio: Victoria is a Digital Marketing Strategist. She works with driven, creative, and passionate entrepreneurs and small business owners that want to bring their visions to life. She is an enthusiastic writer who follows latest marketing and technology trends to get a glimpse of the future. Contributor at

What Side Hustles have you tried to make extra money while working full time?


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