Check out my favorite money resources that will help you keep your finances in shape!  These resources will help you save money and make money.


American Consumer Opinion

Looking to make money in your spare time?  You are in luck.  American Consumer Opinion offers surveys that you can take for free in your spare time and make some extra money.  Click here to try it for yourself.


Credit Sesame

When is the last time that you checked your credit report and/or credit score?  Credit Sesame is a service that I learned about recently that will allow you to check your Transunion information for free.  In addition, the provide customized tips to help you raise your credit score.  Click here to try Credit Sesame for yourself.



Are you looking to start your own blog or business?  Financially Fit and Fab is actually my third blog but it is the first one that I really took seriously.  The first step in taking the site seriously was to get self-hosting through Bluehost.  That means that the content is forever mine (which is different than when you go through a site like Blogger or  Bluehost is great for bloggers and small business owners just starting out.  The price is $7.95 per month; however, they have a special now for only $3.95.  Click here to sign up!



Acorns is an app that makes investing possible for anyone by allowing you to invest with your spare change.  Once you link your bank account to the app, it will automatically invest your spare change into ETFs (exchange-traded funds).  Use this link to try Acorns for yourself and $5 will automatically be added to your account.

Click here for a full review of my experience with Acorns.



Similar to Acorns, Stash is an app that allows you to invest with only $5 in ETFs (exchange-traded funds).  These ETFs are specifically designed for you to invest in things you believe in.  Use this link to try Stash for yourself and $5 will automatically be added to your account.

Click here for a review of my experience with Stash.



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