5 Ways to Pay Less for Home Insurance

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You need to insure your home, but don’t want to pay too much for home insurance.  Saving money on insurance involves investigating to find low-cost policies as well as keeping an eye out for discounts and things you can do to pay lower premiums.  Getting advice from an agent is also one way to shave off extra money from your monthly premiums.  Insurance is a necessity, but that doesn’t mean that you should take the amount you are paying each month as a given.  In addition, it is worthwhile to negotiate with companies to find the best rate.

5 Ways to Pay Less for Home Insurance

Research and Compare

The first step is to find out what is out there and investigate the best policy for your home. This may require time, patience and the willingness to read the fine print to discover what exactly is covered and if you can find the same coverage for a lower price.  In addition, the price quoted may not be the lowest you can get.  You should negotiate with the company to find more affordable rates.  This is where an expert insurance agent can come in handy.

Find an Expert

Doing plenty of research before deciding on a policy doesn’t replace or rule out finding local insurance agents who can locate the best deals for you.  If you are well-informed at the outset, you can make agents work for you and find affordable insurance.  In many cases, agents are aware of the find points of policies and the preferences of companies.  They can lend their negotiation skills to finding affordable rates and often charge a modest fee.

Make Sure You Aren’t Over-Insured

Many homeowners make the mistake of being either over-insured or under-insured.  For instance, you may be covered for the land that your home is on.  However, there is no need for this kind of coverage, because in most cases, it is the home, not the land, that will be damaged and needs replacing.  Make sure that you are buying insurance only to cover the actual buildings on the property, and if you want the contents inside the home to be covered, make sure that these are insured as well, but you may need separate insurance.

Keep Deductibles High and Claims Low

Keep the deductible or the level at which you pay for damage before the insurance company takes over high.  This means that you will be paying more out of pocket to replace damaged buildings, but this may be a good step if you want lower premiums.  In addition, think twice before you make a claim because every claim will raise your insurance premiums.  If you can do the repairs yourself, it is better to spend money on fixing things up rather than making extra claims.

Keep Your Home Safe

Investing in a home security system, fire detectors, and carbon monoxide detectors not only keep you and your family safe but will enable you to pay less on home insurance.  Companies want to see that the people they are covering are taking measures to ensure accidents don’t happen and will likely reward you for it.


How do you pay less for home insurance?


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  1. I don’t own a home yet, but this is going to be a fantastic research for when I do. Most people double check their health, car, and life insurance, but most don’t think to check their home! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I was definitely over insured. I told my insurance agent that I would be switching insurance companies (I was serious) and they informed me that they could deduct $20 off my monthly deductible. It makes you wonder how many other ways you’re paying extra.

  3. Here’s my problem – we LOVE our insurance agent. She has really taken care of us when we’ve been in accidents and especially when my wife’s car got broken into. It’s really tough to imagine cancelling our policy and going with a random insurance company. In other words – I’m sure we pay more than we could, but for now it’s worth it.

  4. Great article. From working in insurance I would say another way to save is the multiple discount and finding a home with masonry construction. I seen it cut premiums down by 20% – 35%.

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