Qapital: Making Saving Fun!

Looking for a way to automate your savings? Finally got your budget down and ready to customize your savings plan?  Do you have a trip planned with friends and are looking for a way to save together?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, then Qapital may be an app for you!

Qapital- Making Saving Fun (2)

The Basics

Qapital is an app that helps you automate your savings.  You can trigger automatic transfers in your Qapital account just by living your life.  You trigger the automatic savings in the following ways:

  • The Guilty Pleasure Rule
    • Create a rule to save a set amount when you give in to your guilty pleasure (like shopping, eating out, etc…).
  • The Spend Less Rule
    • Decide on a budget for how much money you want to spend in one place and as long as you spend less, the additional money is automatically saved in your Qapital account. 
  • The Roundup Rule
    • Similar to Acorns, you can round up your spare change every time you make a purchase with your debit card. 
  • The Set & Forget Rule
    • Set a daily, weekly, or monthly transfer from your checking account to save toward your goal(s).

Fees: None!  (Really, no fees!)

Savings vehicle: The funds in your Qapital account are in FDIC-insured and held at Wells Fargo Bank for your benefit and earns interest of .10% annually.

Minimum Saving Amount:  There is no minimum amount to start an account.  In fact, I set up the set it & forget it rule with $5 weekly going in to my account.


So far, I think Qapital is awesome!  It really does make saving fun.  The first step when joining is to make a goal regarding doing something, going somewhere or getting something.  You can also set a cover photo for the goal.  For example, my goal is to go on vacation, so I customized the cover photo to show my passport.  My favorite part about the app is that you can set a goal with friends.  For example, I set a goal with my boyfriend for a future vacation.  If there is a combined goal set, the funds raised by each person are their own.


All in all, I think Qapital is good for convenience with shorter term savings goals.  In additional, Qapital is good for those who have trouble dipping in to their savings accounts prior to meeting a goal.

Have you tried Qapital before?  Or a similar app to automate your savings?  Tell us about it!


Interested in trying Qapital for yourself?  Check out this link for an automatic $10 added to your account.  If you start an account, $10 will also be added to my account.  🙂

Qapital- Making Saving Fun (2)

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