How to Save Money on Personal Care with Groupon

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

In an effort to be financially fit, I slashed a lot of “luxury items” from my monthly routine.  From cable television to certain regular personal care items, nothing is off limits to save more money in my budget.  For example, instead of weekly trips to get my eyebrows done, I have opted to visit every 3 weeks and clean up my brows myself between visits.

It paid off!  Not only have I been able to treat myself in moderation, but I have also been able to accomplish many goals like purchasing my first home and raising my credit score over 150+ points.

When I do want to treat myself without breaking the bank, there is only once place for me to check: Groupon!



First things first, figure how much you can spend for your next personal care treat.  $20?  $40?  $60?  or more?  The best thing is that there are services for any budget!

Most recently, my boyfriend surprised me by treating us to a couples massage that he found on Groupon!  He was able to find something that we would both enjoy within his budget.  In addition, booking through Groupon instead of the provider directly saved him $100!



Once you figure out what service you want to treat yourself to, head over to Groupon to find services in your area.  Personally, I like to look around for a deal that meets my needs and budget.  Then I call the provider to make sure there is availability at the date/time I want to come.  After I ensure there is proper availability, I buy the Groupon!

I have saved $50+ on one pedicure/manicure service just by booking directly through Groupon.  I love to use Groupon especially when I am booking more expensive services like Gel Nails or special massage treatments.


Click here to locate health, beauty & wellness Groupon’s in your area!


Have you used Groupon to Save Money on Personal Care?  Tell us about it in the comments! 


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  1. Groupon seems like a good place to get these sorts of deals. I know when I used to browse it more often I would always see the deals for massages, spas, and all sorts of stuff in that area.

  2. I actually just wrote a blog post about treating yourself while paying debts. Groupon has been my best friend during my debt payoff journey. I just bought a couples massage for 65% off

  3. Groupon seems to be extremely popular these days. I hardly use it but I am trying to build my savings so I definitely need to see what services they offer. Apparently, I’ve been missing out.

  4. Yes! I’m a big fan of Groupon Coupons. I just learned about them over the summer but they have definitely saved me a nice chunk of change.

  5. I’ve been on a mission to get more financially fit too. It’s so nice to see it pay off. Groupon is the best!


  6. I love Groupon for things like Pilates and yoga classes. I’ve had great facials using Groupons deals too!

  7. Financially fit is definitely the goals. I LOVE Groupon but I haven’t purchased too many personal care deals on there. I have however purchased Yoga classes.

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