6 Sites to Book a Last Minute Hotel

We have all been there.  You are going out of town, you have found the perfect flight deal and your lodging plans fall through at the last minute.  What do you do next?  Book an overpriced hotel?  Cancel your trip?  Heck, no!

The next step is to find inexpensive accommodations!  Although I prefer to book one of the Airbnb alternatives, sometimes there is nothing ideal available through those sites.  My next stop is to try one of the 5 sites below!

6 Sites to Book a Last Minute Hotel (without breaking the bank)

Hotel Tonight

The first stop for finding a last minute hotel is always Hotel Tonight.  The company prides themselves on being an app that makes it incredibly easy to book great hotels at an amazingly low price.  In fact, about a year ago they came out with a “geo rate”.  A geo-rate is a special, limited-time offer for that particular hotel.  The rate is even lower than the already-discounted rate and may not be available to app users.  Typically it appears when you are in a geographical area close to that hotel.

Hotel Tonight is only available as an app!  So, don’t go checking your computer for deals.  You can use hotel tonight when searching for a hotel even if it isn’t last minute.


Priceline Name your Price

Priceline Name your Price advertises as being able to save you as much as 60% on Hotels.  The tool allows you to choose the area that you would like to stay in, the number of stars in terms of quality for the hotel, and the price that you are willing to pay.  Unfortunately with this tool, when you place your bid and put in your payment information, you have no idea what hotel you may end up in.  The good thing is the hotel will meet the standard that you previously imputed in the system.

I experienced Priceline Name your Price when I attempted to find a last minute hotel  downtown Chicago.  Of course, I waited until the last minute to try to book an Airbnb and none of the hosts had responded to my inquiry yet.  After I entered the neighbourhood I wanted to stay in, the quality of hotel I was willing to stay in, and the price I was willing to pay, the tool matched me with a four-star hotel downtown Chicago for a third of the price posted other places online.  I will say it was a bit nerve racking not knowing what hotel the service would choose as I always like to read the hotel reviews.


Groupon & Living Social

Groupon, Living Social, and other similar deal sites are great ways to find a budget friendly last minute hotel.  Deal sites are known for providing deals for meals and random gadgets, but they can also be awesome when planning your next getaway.

Make sure you note the fine print when reserving through a daily deal site. For example, it may show that the hotel is $60 per night; however, the price may vary when you enter your needed dates.  In addition, there may be parking fees depending on the city.  Ensure that you are aware of all fees prior to reserving a room.


Booking.com & Hotels.com

Booking.com is a site that I use when booking a last minute hotel as well as when there is not a good cheap hotel alternative in the area.  The site is awesome because there are typically refundable rooms available.  Therefore, you can always reserve something through Booking.com that is refundable and keep checking other sites.  Make sure to reach the fine print, though, most times you must cancel at least 24 hours in advance if you don’t plan on staying in that hotel room.

Most recently, I used booking.com when planning my trip to Panama.  I didn’t end up booking the room until the day before I left for the trip and still managed to find an awesome deal!

Hotels.com is very similar to booking.com.  They have rooms available that are refundable for last minute changes.    Both programs have loyalty programs that help you earn a free hotel through booking through them regularly.

Looking for a last minute hotel but not sure where to start? Check these sites first for all your travel hacking needs.


What is your go-to site for booking a last minute hotel?  Have you tried any of the sites listed above?


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  1. I’ve always loved lastminutedotcom to book last minute hotels. I’ve gotten really good deals on there 🙂

  2. I had heard about Hotel Tonight, but didn’t know there were so many options for last minute hotel stays! Thanks for sharing–now I just need to find somewhere to go.

  3. I’ve never heard of any of these, but I’m glad you put me on to them. You stay on these travel sites, Tia! Great resource!

  4. I’ve heard of most of these but have yet to use them. I’m trying to up my travel these days so therefore, I’m sure I’ll be trying them. Thanks for sharing!

  5. I needed these tips 2 weeks go. My husband recently booked the worse hotel I ever stayed in. I will be passing this information on to him.

  6. Hotels.com is one of my favorites! I usually do some hunting before I book, but now, I am stuck on using points.

  7. Hotels.com is my usual go to site but I’ve also learned to check out Groupon and Living Social to see what fabulous offers they are running.

  8. I always look at Groupon for hotels even though I’m not planning on traveling anytime soon I love the different offers they have.

  9. I love Hotel Tonight. Expedia has a similar option. I haven’t used groupon or living social. I should try those, too.

  10. I would highly recommend booking.com. I had to book a room super last minute and the price was perfect for my LA hotel stay!

  11. I haven’t ever heard of Priceline name your price feature before. Sounds like a very novel way to purchase! I always just use Expedia or Ebates to make sure I get cash back and the cheapest rates plus the cash back that I get on my credit cards have been pretty rewarding. Thanks for the list!

  12. I used to use Expedia for everything but I have started to use Hotels.com more. I even gained a free night recently from booking 10 nights through them. Definitely would recommend the site.

    Now if I could just get the courage to use airbnb….

  13. It’ll require some more browsing, because you usually can’t buy directly from SideStep, but it’s certainly a good place to start, as it includes a huge number of other sites trying to find you deals.

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