Steps for Negotiating Monthly Bills

The latest Financially Fit & Fab article was regarding 6 Bills you Need to Negotiate.  Now that you know which bills can be negotiated, let’s discuss my system for negotiating monthly bills.

Steps for Negotiating Monthly Bills

Step 1: Get a Copy of your Monthly Bills

The first step to negotiating your bills is to grab a copy of your monthly cable, the internet, cell phone, car insurance, gym membership, and alarm system bills.  It is important to check your monthly bills regularly to review errors as well as to check the services that you are currently receiving.  Do you use all the services provided?  If a discounted rate is provided for removing one of more of the features, would you be open to the change?

Step 2: Do preliminary research on deals available

The next step is to check the websites of all the existing companies that you have contracts with.  Is there a special deal for existing customers that you can inquire about?  Do they have a new program that you may qualify for?  Do friends, family or even coworkers qualify for a deal that you should qualify for as well?  Ensure to make note of the deals that you are able to find so you have the ammunition available for step 3.

Step 3: Call Existing Companiespres obama calling

This is the where the hard work comes in!  Start with one company at a time and give them a call.  Make sure you allow yourself plenty of time in case you are placed on an extended hold.  Also, ensure that you are patient and persistent.

Don’t be afraid to use statements such as “I’ve been a loyal customer for 8 years,” or “I am going through a hardship so I am needing a discount otherwise I will have to cancel this service all together.” Also, don’t be afraid to hear the word “No” or ask to speak with another person.  Cable companies like AT&T and Comcast have entire teams dedicated to retention.  Just because one person said no, doesn’t mean the story is over.  I typically will not end the phone call with a representative until I have heard “No” at least 3 times.

Step 4: Research Competitors

If you are not satisfied with the information provided or the current companies are not willing to budge on the monthly bill after step 3, then reach out to the competitor companies.  Just like Step 2, jump online and check out the deals that the competitors are offering for new clientele.  After visiting the websites, give the competitors a call and find out what deal they are willing to provide.  Make sure to tell them what is going on; you are currently shopping around for the best rate available for your monthly bill.

Bonus Tip: Consider Total Cost of Changing Provider

Before getting excited about a deal that a competitor is offering think of the complete cost involved.  For example, do any of the companies associated with the monthly bills charge a fee for early cancellation?  Does the competitor charge an initial or enrollment fee?  Would the competitor be willing to pay the cancellation fee and/or waive the initial or enrollment fee to truly make the situation a sweet deal?


Personally, I was able to save $850 per year by negotiating my cell phone, auto insurance, renters insurance, cable and internet bills by taking the steps above!

Steps for Negotiating Monthly Bills

What other steps do you take when negotiating your monthly bills?  Share your tips in the comments!


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  1. I use to do this diligently, after kid number 2 it got hard and after kid number three its almost impossible. It’s part of the reason I tapped out on cable and I am probably overpaying for internet right now cause I just dont have time to play the game every couple months with these companies… SIGH. When I cancelled the cable i told the lady, yall need to go back to the model where customer signs up, customer pays monthly bill, customer is happy. cause all this foolishness they do now have you with an install man at your house every 8-12 months….

  2. My cable bill is the only bill I negotiate and I only do it when I feel up to it.

    Great tips, I need to do it more.

  3. We’ve been going back and forth with our cable provider for months. I’m sure when we threaten to cut our service they’ll come up with a grand package and savings. Sometimes you have to b e

  4. Awesome post! I have been negotiating for the last 2 years and still call every few months to see if I can obtain even lower monthly bills!

  5. We never considered negotiating/changing our bills until recently. We have saved hundreds by switching our homeowners and auto insurance policies. We have also saved since we cut our cable off. These are some great tips.

  6. I try to renegotiate my bills once a year at least. This year I have been slacking but this is a reminder for me to make it a priority. Every penny saved on bills is a penny that I can use for my retirement savings and investments.

  7. AWESOME post! We completely cut out cable last year and went to streaming TV because our local company was so unwilling to negotiate packages and prices, but they were always offering new promo deals that made loyal customers, like me, pay more for our loyalty. I wish I had known these things when I was younger.

  8. We’ve done that with DirecTV a couple of times. They make deals, but when that bill returns to normal it is a pain to get another deal. This reminded me that it is about that time again!

  9. I’m thinking about getting rid of cable completely. I also want to see if I can get a better deal on home security. I realized just the other day that I’m paying $400 a year for security services.

  10. My husband is king of negotiating lower rates and switching if need be. We used to switch cell providers a lot in our early twenties. I wish negotiating rent was that simple. We usually move when the increases become too much. We’ll probably be moving next summer into something more permanent (hopefully).

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